Sport, a lifestyle for Lyne Bessette

gens-identifient-athletes-olympiques-mais(Sutton) Lyne Bessette retired from elite sport there some years. But now that in recent weeks we have seen the Tour of Brome Lake and the Americas Cup. And as a result, it has achieved excellent results.

“I’m retired, but I still have fun !, explained laughingly former Olympian Sutton met his chalet Monday afternoon. Sport, for me, it’s a lifestyle. And sports, I still do, even though I no longer dream of major world honors … ”

In cycling Americas Cup, during the last weekend, Bessette has eclipsed all other women. Tour of Brome Lake running, a week earlier, she was again the best of the ladies at the Marathon Challenge.

“People are always impressed when they see me coming and it always makes me laugh. But I’m not here to play the show or anything, I’m here to move as all those who are there. I do not think I’m most other today than when I was attending the Olympics. ”

She had participated in the Americas Cup 20 years ago and she had Brome Lake Tour three times as a child.

“It’s also another way to give back. Unknowingly, the organizers of these events have made me the athlete I was. ”

Lyne Bessette has marked the history of cycling in the country. It was six-time Canadian champion, she won gold at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Malaysia and participated in the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and those in Athens in 2004. Then in 2012, she took the gold in tandem with Robbi Weldon Paralympic Games in London.

“No stress”

Lyne Bessette has repeated more than once during the interview. At 41, she has fun. She continues to train and play sports, but she appreciates being able to do it without any pressure.

“When I arrived in the Americas Cup, there is zero stress, she resumed. This weekend, I even had to borrow a bike when we got there. The days when I suffered in training or in competition is far behind me. My only motivation now is to have fun and be healthy. Stress, pressure, it’s over for good. ”

And she did not even prepare a special way for the region in events in which it participates.

“I tell unpretentious again, but when I was training hard for a competition is over. I hope not to offend those who have put their heart for the Americas Cup and the Brome Lake Tour by saying that … ”

Bessette is still as slim as when she was in high level competition. It exudes health.

“People identify with Olympic athletes. But if I can keep a kind of inspiration even today, great! ”

A native of Lac-Brome, Lyne Bessette is married to an American and commutes between his home in the Boston area and the region.

“I’d say I spend a good 30% of my time in the corner. I’m still here with us. It’s never a chore to come back. ”

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