Spicy foods can help to quickly cool off in the heat

Острая пища поможет быстро охладиться в жару

Eating spicy foods will help a person to better survive the heat. This opinion is shared by scientists. According to them, it’s all about the ingredient which is called capsaicin.

In summer the weather gets so hot that to move around is problematic. Certainly, in such situations, people are less likely thinking about a bowl of hot sauce curry. Everyone knows that food people can throw in heat, but in the evening it is very useful, because it helps to keep cool due to more intense sweating.

For example, the chili pepper has capsaicin, which sends a signal to the brain that the body is overheated. Because of this, begin to increase perspiration and intensely cooled. Nutritionists also suggest in the heat to eat more watermelon and turmeric, and the number of carbohydrates to cut.

To cooling foods include spinach. Scientists recommend to lean on the bow, use the drinks and meals that contains peppermint, and indulge in meat. Acceptable products based on coconut milk.

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