Spetsluzhby of the Russian Federation is preparing a “new Putin,” that history was not: what is known about the successor

Спецлужбы РФ готовят "нового Путина", такого в истории не было: что известно о преемнике

President Vladimir Putin is using “pattabiram” can rule forever

This opinion was shared by political analyst, journalist and publicist Viktor Kaspruk.

“How to remove Putin from power says a lot. In these articles and analyses is acceptable, and what not. But there is one fundamental question that somehow all the time I left,” he writes.

It is known that sometimes replace Putin counterparts. Especially where his life may threaten some danger, writes

Also, in the expert community are of the opinion that the first model Putin has long been replaced, in 2004, and now, in most cases, on behalf of the “collective Putin” publicly in the face, which can be roughly defined as “Buryat” . His Asian cheekbones and love to have a rest on Altai, what’s the “original Putin” has never been, a political analyst.

And here we come to a very interesting question — the continuation for a long period (approximately 30 years), Putin’s power over Russia, he writes.

Спецлужбы РФ готовят "нового Путина", такого в истории не было: что известно о преемнике

“When we speak of a Palace or military coup or even about the physical elimination of Putin from power, it ignored one fundamental point, any potential rebels will almost never be able to overcome. Because the totalitarian regime all the details thought through in advance,” — said Kaspruk.

The journalist cites the example that in TV it is reported that Putin supposedly got sick. But it did, in Russia, good doctors and they will quickly heal and put on his feet. Next is a few weeks, as this has happened before and on the Russian TV screens again there is a new Putin.

And although it looks different from the previous one, this explains the effects of treatment, accuracy of his advanced age, another beauty tapered face or the result of Botox.

“Thus, a layered duplicate copies of Putin’s options allows you to quickly replace “disposed” of Putin, and show the audience at least a dozen new models”, — supposes the analyst.

According to him, such in recent world history has never been. And this know-Havn developing celebitchy power in Russia.

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“That is why the “collective Putin” has become something of a Koshchey Immortal, the only difference is that he need not fear what he feared. After all, when in Russian fairy tales the water has Koschei the Immortal supernatural powers, then Koschei-Putin this power gives the FSB and other secret services,” he said.

Спецлужбы РФ готовят "нового Путина", такого в истории не было: что известно о преемнике

“The political death of Koschei-Putin — at the end of the expiry time of his dictatorship, and this dictatorship can last as long as Russia will be beneficial to operate on behalf of Putin.”, — the analyst believes.

And if earlier it was possible to speak about genetically cloned sheep Dolly, now appeared politically cloned politician who has become Putin.

For those who are behind this, not matter which list model Putin to remain in power.

“And must take into account in analyzing and assessing possible options for the care of the Russian dictator from power. Epic “pattabiram” Putin suggests that in the future, and not only in Russia, it would be appropriate to amend the legislation when applying for the post of the official is above the average grade must be taken in the fingerprints and DNA samples. If necessity was the ability to quickly and thoroughly test has not been replacement of one or another high-ranking official in the interests of a particular group of people or political party.”, the journalist summed up.

We will remind, Putin “hidden” from Tarantino, adventure Director in the Kremlin blew up the network.

As reported Politeka, archival photo of Putin conquered network, shame the whole world can see.

Also Politeka wrote that discovered the “boss” of Putin and his place of residence.