Speeders keep police busy

1177295(SHERBROOKE) The Surete du Quebec (SQ) have been dealing with disrespectful drivers of the Code of road safety in the region of the MRC des Sources in recent days.

On the night of 16 April to 3 o’clock, a 28 year old man crossed patrol SQ while traveling at high speed on Highway 255 at Wotton. “He was captured more than 160 km / h in the area of ​​90, which earned him a $ of offense in 1444 and 14 demerit points,” recalls Aurélie Guindon, spokesman of the SQ Eastern Townships.

“The offender was designated driver to bring his two passengers who were intoxicated. His driver’s license was suspended for seven days and his vehicle was garaged since none of the passengers was not fit to drive. ”

Then on the night of April 17, around 3:15 am, officers stopped a 63 year old man who was driving erratically on Thibault Street in Danville. “The resident of Terrebonne was arrested for driving while impaired by alcohol. He failed the breathalyzer test with a rate of nearly twice the legal limit, “says Guindon.

“His driving license was suspended 90 days and his vehicle has been stored pending further legal proceedings against him.”

“A multitude of offenses”

That was not all. Monday morning, around 6:30, a 24 year old motorist was captured while traveling at over 100 km / h in the area of ​​50, on St John Wotton. “The police found that he was committing a multitude of offenses. His driving license was sanctioned and the SAAQ had issued a ban for its vehicles, “says the publicist Sgt.

“The police issued him a notice of $ 866 and 10 demerit points for excessive speeding, $ 481 for having circulated with a sanctioned license and $ 481 for uttering a vehicle being forbidden to drive.”

“In addition, his license was suspended 30 days since he was not his first offense for excessive speeding.”

Aurélie Guindon emphasizes that these break-ins to the code of road safety are “a good sampling examples of interventions” that patrol the SQ carried out every day on the network Townships.

“When they do not respond to calls, police officers pay special attention to the contributory infringements collisions among others speeding because they are the leading cause of fatal crashes in Quebec,” she said.

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