Special 30 years from Here : it happened a… August 13 – Here

Each day of the summer, Here are a look in the back on his past 30 years of gossip. And it happened what, exactly, August 13, on the planet people ? Flashbacks.

. 13 August 2002 : Manuel Valls celebrates 40 years. Mayor of Evry for more than a year, it also comes to be elected as a member of the first district of Essonne. It is safe, it is on to a great political destiny.

. August 13, 2003 : Jean-Paul Belmondo , becomes a young dad in spite of his 70 years : his wife Natty Work, ex-coco-girl of Stéphane Collaro, born after 13 years of love and a year of marriage a small Stella.

. 13 August 2010 : Maigret has broken his pipe. In Montparnasse cemetery, in Paris, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Niels Arestrup, Claude Rich, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Rochefort are gathered for the funeral of their comrade at the conservatory Bruno Cremer.

. August 13, 2012 : at 19 years old, Miley Cyrus expresses his rebellion through a revolution capillary. Finished the character smooth to the legacy of wise and certified Disney Hannah Montana, she cut short and dyed, the platinum blonde. Punk is not dead.

. 13 August 2014 : in a hospital of Ajaccio, the singer Jenifer, age 31, gave birth to her second child, a little Joseph. The dad is none other than the actor Thierry Neuvic, that she had met the previous year on the set of the comedy The Francis.

And also :

. August 13, 2003 : France released the first instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean : the curse of the Black Pearl. The beginning of a long saga, that will bring hundreds of millions of dollars to Johnny Depp (million that it will engulf all as soon).

. 13 August 2004 : 7.3 million viewers in france listen to Bjork sing Oceania at the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games.

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