Special 30 years from Here : it happened a… August 12 – Here is

Each day of the summer, Here are a look in the back on his past 30 years of gossip. And it happened what, exactly, August 12, on the planet people ? Flashbacks.

. August 12, 1994 : there is water in the gas between the young and remarried Johnny and Adeline. At this point, on this day, the whole family Blondieau (Long Chris the father, the mother, the brother and the little sister of Adeline – and even their dogs) is packing his bags and leaves the Lorada, the villa of Johnny Hallyday’s St Tropez. Once again, it is finished between the singer and “Dadou”.

. 12 August 2004 : very close to Ajaccio, Patrick Fiori and Julie Zenatti celebrate their engagement on the beach and in the villa of Patrick. Their friends Jean-Jacques Goldman and Mimi Mathy is part of the guests come to share the feast of the lovers of Our-Lady of Paris.

. August 12, 2009 : for the second time, Robin Wright files for divorce from Sean Penn. But she swears that this time she will not come back on its decision.

. 12 August 2012 : it took to wait for the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in London to see the Spice Girls reform. Posh has no more words or micro that, at the time, but a whole generation of ancient times with nostalgic memories of their adolescence twitch in rhythm in front of their tv.

. August 12, 2016 : Justin Bieber arrives in Japan hand in hand with his girlfriend of the moment, the beautiful Sofia Richie (daughter of Lionel). A gesture that is perfectly justified before crossing the road : the girl was only 17.

And also :

. August 12, 1992 : in London was born the little Cara Delevingne. She does not know that his fate is already exceptional : she shares her birthday with Julien Lepers (43 years).

. August 12, 2014 : François Hollande celebrates 60 years. Rumors of marriage between the President and Julie Gayet are circulating, fueled by visions of the astrologer Elizabeth Teissier, but Francis has ruled : “The only event that I know the 12th August is my birthday. Not worth it to make sugar plums.”

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