Spain found a “Russian trace” in the Catalan crisis

Representatives of the Spanish government’s claim about the “Russian trace” in the Catalan crisis, not blaming while officially, the Russian authorities of meddling in the Affairs of Spain. Politicians use tactful wording “Russian territory”.

Maria Dolores de Cospedal, the head of the Ministry of defence of Spain, said that the government has adequately established the origin of the many messages of support for the separatists during the crisis in Catalonia. Basically, it’s Russia and Venezuela. The defense Minister noted that currently we are not talking about the Russian authorities and on the territory from which it is made.

The government of Spain pointed to the need for careful monitoring of new technologies and their impact on democratic values of European society. Some politicians believe that the way some forces are trying to influence EU unity and to destabilize the situation in the community of Nations.

It is noted that on Monday, in Brussels, a report about the dangers from actions of the Russian hackers for democracy in Europe will be the head of the foreign Ministry of Spain.

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