South Korea: North Korea is developing a miniature nuclear warhead

Intelligence reported about imminent nuclear test in North Korea.

In the DPRK continue the development of miniature warheads and are preparing to conduct another nuclear and missile tests. This was announced by the South Korean intelligence during the parliamentary audit, reports Yonhap.

It is reported that Pyongyang may start reprocessing spent fuel rods at its main nuclear complex in Yongbyon at the end of this year.

“The North will conduct further nuclear tests and to continue the development of miniature, diversified nuclear warheads,” – said intelligence service of the legislators who attended the audit.

The LDCs stated that “active movement” of vehicles around the object, developing a rocket in Pyongyang, suggests that the regime could resume its provocations.

In South Korea, also said that hackers military intelligence North Korea has made attacks on financial institutions of the country.

“We found circumstantial evidence that the North is constantly trying to collect the information necessary for targeting and hacking of several financial institutions, such as the Agency for the trade in virtual currencies, banks and firms on securities”, – said the Agency.

Describing the leadership style Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, intelligence reported that he, apparently, has resumed the campaign to clean up the dissidents or those who were considered disloyal to him.

As reported, South Korea will develop its own nuclear weapons, despite the threat posed by a nuclear North Korea.

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