Sore throat: a disease killed the young Ukrainian, “hard to believe”

Болело горло: опасная болезнь убила молодого украинца, "сложно поверить"

27-year-old resident of Ternopil Andrew Morgan died in hospital, after a severe struggle for life with measles

On the death of Andrei in the social network Facebook, wrote a resource “20 minutes”.

His friends and family wrote, “Knew you, perhaps like no long … Why is the world so unfair and always picks the best?! … You are strong and fought to the last for life, but, unfortunately, the disease won …. Rest in peace, Friend !, — posted by Yaroslav Golovko. “Heart cry … almost indescribable … a great loss for our family … it is Hard to accept and believe that Andrew is no longer with us … But he will be forever in our hearts … Eternal memory of dear Andrew”.

Болело горло: опасная болезнь убила молодого украинца, "сложно поверить"

It is known that earlier Andrew lay in a city hospital emergency room, however, it was multiple organ failure, and required hemodialysis. Therefore already on April 17, the doctors were forced to transport him to the regional hospital. As the doctor guy, he came to them with complications, which were caused by the illness he suffered in childhood. He had serious lung problems, so when he got measles, he began pneumonia. The wife of a man named Ekaterina told that he had beginning of sore throat in April. Then though came the relief, cough and then a rash.

Болело горло: опасная болезнь убила молодого украинца, "сложно поверить"

Earlier it was reported that What is measles what are the symptoms of the disease and how to treat it. The name “measles” comes from the Latin word morbilli. Acute infectious disease the causative agent is measles virus. It spreads very rapidly and attacks primarily children aged 2 to 5 years. But lately, doctors fix the surge in incidence in adults. It is known that the measles virus is not resistant to hot water, and irradiation and disinfection. She remains active at room temperature two to three days, in temperatures well below zero for two weeks.

In addition, temperatures of -15 and below, the virus persists and is able to survive for a long time. The causative agent of virus is airborne. You can become infected, for example, when talking with the patient, and even if you stay with an infected in the same room. The virus can manifest itself in adjacent buildings, on other floors.

Recall that immunologist said that in some cases vaccination may not work and you can get sick of measles.

As reported Politeka, from complications of measles, the child died.

Also Politekа wrote that the epidemic of measles swept the Ukraine.