Son of Tina Karol impressed the Ukrainians before the end of the show “Golos Krainy”: “copy dad”

Сын Тины Кароль поразил украинцев перед финалом шоу "Голос країни": "копия папы"

Sunday, April 21, Ukrainians know the name of the winner vocal show “the Voice season 9”

Before the start of an ambitious project in the network has exclusive footage showing preparations for this latest release. Most captivated fans, as the son of Tina Karol Benjamin supports his stellar mom.

Though Tina lives in Ukraine, and her son Benjamin in the UK, religious holidays or special events they are always together. So, the other day the boy came to Kiev, where, together with his star mom spent palm Sunday.

“To grow healthy, that was always my kind, stay in school and mom listened to,” excitement and tenderness wished Tina to his son.

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Palm nedilya! #thinakural

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As you know, on Sunday the pop diva not only celebrated palm Sunday, but also preparing for the latest edition of the show “voice of the country-9”. Therefore Tina Karol came on the set along with 10-year-old Benjamin. The boy happily sat on the judgment seat his mother and watched the rehearsal.

Сын Тины Кароль поразил украинцев перед финалом шоу "Голос країни": "копия папы"

Earlier it was reported that the famous Moldovan singer Dan Balan, who recently presented the role of a judge on the show “Golos Krainy”, expressed his sympathy to Tina Karol.

As you know, in his debut release, project, Dan Balan, said that at first glance at the famous Ukrainian woman he wants to sing “Ah, what woman”. But already during the second “blind auditions” the artist has sang for Tina Karol song.

Сын Тины Кароль поразил украинцев перед финалом шоу "Голос країни": "копия папы"

And it happened just when he appeared on the scene, the double Dan Balan. Alexander Moroz so precisely copied the manner of performance of the Moldovan artist that impressed all the judges.

Then Tina suggested the singer herself to go on stage and sing the song “Love”. During his speech, seductive actress podtantsovyvat, so Dan came over and performed the song near it.

We will remind, Carole no makeup was struck by their appearance.

As reported Politeka, Tina drove fans crazy seductive outfit.

Also Politeka wrote that Tina “took” the husband Katya Osadchaya.