Some tips on caring mothers how to clean stuffed toys without harm to health

How to clean stuffed toys without chemicals ?

Декілька порад дбайливим мамам, як почистити м&#039які іграшки без шкоди для здоров&#039я

Soft toys are loved by both children and adults. They give the child a special atmosphere of comfort, moreover, are best friends. Buying thing parents are always concerned about the fact that it was made from safe and quality materials. But from time to time require cleaning. We have prepared some simple but effective tips for caring mom who will help to cope without unnecessary chemicals, informs Rus.Media.

Why the need for cleaning

Even the most lovely Teddy bear have one drawback – over time it begins to accumulate dust, which can cause an allergic reaction. Besides, the toy can settle different bacteria, so wash and clean it no less than once in 2-3 weeks and sometimes more often.

Method 1: Dry cleaning

Many toys are made of materials that require cleaning only in delicate cycle. In order not to risk new or old friend of the child, it is best to use a gentle dry cleaning.

Put the toy in a plastic bag or pillowcase. Pour back safe absorbent for dark beige and toys, it will be the wheat germ and corn starch, then in white or bright things it is better to add a little soda. Leave it for an hour, then carefully pour the powder, and the remainder wisest brush. Then vacuum toy using the nozzle for upholstered furniture.

Method 2: wash in the machine

Certain types of contaminants are difficult to remove and the washing machine saves time and effort. Some types of toys can really clean this way. Definitely need to purchase a special bag for washing delicate items to put there pet rabbit or a Fox. To wash things in the “Baby stuff”, “Delicate” or “Silk”, using soapy water or baby shampoo. It is not recommended to use the drying mode.

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Method 3: Manually

Hand wash – a bit complicated but safe method to return the second your child’s cleanliness and neatness. To do this, you can gently lather a soft sponge or a piece of cloth and treat contaminated sites. For such washing, it is better to use baby soap or shampoo. Then soak the toy with a towel and dry them.

Important tips

These life hacks will prolong the life of the toy and the state of her purity.

  1. Remove stains using vinegar, alcohol or ammonia solution.
  2. If the toy has batteries – try before cleaning, carefully remove the electronics, and after drying sew back.
  3. In winter, the old toys can from time to time to keep in the cold.
  4. Drying choose a place without direct rays of the sun, with moderate moisture.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your favorite toys. Do you have your own secret cleaning?

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