Some Hyundai models may lose diesel engines

Некоторые модели Hyundai могут лишиться дизельных двигателей

The South Korean brand, according to rumors, follows global trends, and begins to deprive the majority of their models of diesel engines in favor of hybrid versions with petrol engines.

As reported by South Korean newspaper the Investor, Hyundai minimizes the production of diesel models of the Sonata, i30, Veloster and Santa Fe DM (in other countries Grand Santa Fe). Production will be discontinued today, August 10. Apparently, we are talking about machines that are intended only for the domestic market.

Некоторые модели Hyundai могут лишиться дизельных двигателей

According to colleagues, the sales of diesel versions of the Sonata and Grandeur sedans make up the total number only 6% and 2% respectively, which probably negatively affects the overall efficiency of production.

A similar situation exists with the other two models, the i30 and Santa Fe DM.

Некоторые модели Hyundai могут лишиться дизельных двигателей
On the photo: Hyundai i30 for South Korea market

Official of the press service of Hyundai Motor Company regarding this situation is silent, but our colleagues quoted one of the representatives of Hyundai, which stated the following:

Global demand is changing in the direction of environmentally friendly vehicles because of the high cost of oil and the toxicity, forcing the brand to cut production of diesel models.

However, the representative has assured our colleagues that in global terms neither Hyundai nor its subsidiary brand Kia is not going to completely abandon cars running on heavy fuel.

Некоторые модели Hyundai могут лишиться дизельных двигателей

It is worth noting that in the last few years Hyundai actively updates its hybrid model. We are talking about presented in March last year, the large sedan Grandeur of the new generation, the new generation Sonata hybrid midsize, public debut which took place in February of the current year, the company also is preparing a new eight-seat crossover, which is already being tested in March of this year. The range brand has hybrid versions of the Optima, Elantra, Cerato, do not forget about the liftback Ioniq, which exists as hybrid versions and all-electric, as well as on Kona Electric crossover.

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Некоторые модели Hyundai могут лишиться дизельных двигателей

Of course, that the list of hybrid and electric models of the brand in accordance with global trend will increase, but diesel versions, we will gradually seem to break the habit.

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