Some advice of the astrologer, how to find happiness in love in October 2018

Totemites them and all will be well.

Декілька порад астролога, як знайти щастя в коханні у жовтні 2018 року

For love, marriage, beauty and creativity in the astrological fields ‘ replies Venus. A special case is when it is included in the retro loop, as for example, in October 2018, changing the sign of Scorpio, where she will be from 5 to 31 October for Libra in the month of November, informs Rus.Media.

Everything that happens in a retro phase, requires careful analysis. During this period, the planet manifests itself slowly, covertly, that does not mean its defectiveness. On the contrary, Venus retrograde intensifies the need for partnership and beauty. This month there is a reassessment of the existing relationship, the man begins to dig into themselves, their needs and feelings.

Spheres of life, subservient to the Goddess of love, will develop strange and roundabout way – something that seemed important, may suddenly lose value and become important things never paid attention. So if possible, is to strengthen a loving relationship until October 5, at the time of entry of Venus in the sign of Scorpio couple will have a back-up and support.

Period retro-Venus can bring. Perhaps the emergence of quarrels, misunderstandings, and a signal to search for another point of understanding, not the path to rupture. Testing this month will be a lot and patience and endurance don’t hurt. Do not criticize beloved, forgive them their weaknesses, don’t be too demanding. Especially it concerns the period from 8 to 12 and from 27 to 31 October.

11 Oct 2018 planet forms a square with Mars, which is not conducive to harmonious interactions.

But October 15, 2018 Venus will enter into connection with mercury that will help it more quickly and correctly find solutions to emerging problems and to reduce the degree of conflict. And if you will survive this difficult time, your relationship will be better, gain another foothold for long-term development. Remember – if the feelings will fade, bring them back will not be easy. Do not take spontaneous decisions and exercise restraint not feelings and emotions – it’s still two different things.

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Weddings celebrated in this month are liable to be short-lived, and then not even reaching the altar. If all the same it was decided to get married in this period, plan a holiday on 19 October 2018 and do not focus on the lavish ceremony.

Singles Dating in October will not bring a lasting relationship. Moreover, after the planet out of the loop, this is shocking – how could you even agree with those who thought the dream of your life?

For couples who broke up in the retro phase may return to their former relationship. And then you have to decide whether to put the final point or to start from scratch, when I realized all the mistakes.

Special disharmony will be manifested in the full moon period – October 24, 2018, on this day, perhaps, will be the most difficult month in terms of tensions between people. But at the end of the week the Sun will come into connection with Venus and the situation will begin to stabilize.

Optimum advice will be: women, leave alone men, and men women. Not sharpen relationship, and all will be well.

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