Some 4500 signatures for Yves Michaud

The electronic petition proposing that a parliamentary commission look at the blame inflicted on Yves Michaud by the National Assembly in 2000 showed some 4500 signatures at the end of the day on Monday.

The signature period ends at midnight on Tuesday. The sponsor of the petition, the PQ Maka Kotto, will then have until next week to present it at the Blue Room of the National Assembly.

“The Yves Michaud affair” rebounded three months ago when this petition appeared on the website of the National Assembly. She asked the National Assembly to refer the file of Mr. Michaud to a parliamentary committee “for study” – to possibly ensure that the blame it was inflicted on December 14, 2000 be revised.

The motion adopted by all members a little over 17 years ago reads as follows: “That the National Assembly unequivocally, unequivocally and unambiguously denounces the unacceptable comments made on ethnic communities and, in particular, with respect to the Jewish community held by Yves Michaud during the hearings of the Estates General on French in Montreal on December 13, 2000. “The remarks of Mr. Michaud had not been presented as such to the parliamentarians.

Mr. Michaud, who will be 88 years old, did not hold, during these States General, the words for which the parliamentarians blamed him. His detractors all agree today, but some argue that he did so in an interview with a radio a few days earlier. For them, he downplayed the suffering of the Jewish people.

A lecture

The government will not respond to the request in the petition. And the Parti Quebecois will not fight for a parliamentary commission to be called.

In November, Jean-François Lisée said he did not want to “subject Mr. Michaud what the Liberals would say about him” – if a parliamentary commission was looking into the matter and if a new vote would one day be taken.

“In the House, Maka Kotto, with his strong voice, will read the expected petition. This is the gesture we are making. I’m glad we put it on. “Mr. Lisée spoke of a” gesture of esteem “for Yves Michaud.

Over time, about fifty PQ members – among the 76 present at the Blue Room of the National Assembly in December 2000 – apologized to the pro-independence activist.

In the government, it has already been said that it was hard to see the current elected representatives of the National Assembly – the vast majority of whom did not sit there at the time – to declare that their predecessors had erred.

The turmoil created by this affair in the sovereignist camp contributed to Prime Minister Lucien Bouchard’s decision to resign in 2001.

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