“Solved!” Zelensky opredelilsya the key position. This man know everything

"Решено!" Зеленский определилися с ключевой должностью. Этого человека знают все

The President-elect of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has decided on the candidate on a post of the head of his administration

This was stated by the Trustee of the winner of the presidential race in Ukraine Vadim Galaychuk the TV channel ZIK.

According to him, the position is the public face.

While specific names were not named.

According to Galicya team Zelensky at the moment has a huge number of people “is very difficult to work with.”

"Решено!" Зеленский определилися с ключевой должностью. Этого человека знают все

We will remind, recently the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky said that he is looking for a spokesperson.

The conditions of competition are pretty simple: hard work, knowledge of three languages and experience in journalism, — said the servant of the people.

The Ukrainians decided to “help” people’s favorite in this difficult mission and offered its own variant.

It is reported by Telegram-channel HC and calls (jokingly, of course), its contender for the responsible position.

It was the robot of Sofia — the world famous female robot with artificial intelligence.

“Hurrah!.. Found the press Secretary for see. Knows all the languages of the world, constantly learns, eats nothing and has no corrupt past, like Eugene Mishka…Potrollit new President — Michael Pintusevich”, — stated in the message.

It is worth mentioning that Android that can Express emotions and adapt to human behavior, has developed a Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics. Sophia activated in April 2015.

With Sophia, there were many meetings around the world.

11 Oct 2018 she visited Kiev to sign a Memorandum of cooperation between the state Agency on e-government of Ukraine and the companies of Hanson Robotics and AngelVest with the aim of developing artificial intelligence in Ukraine. During this visit to talk with Sofia and to touch the robot was able Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

Recall Zelensky first met with the head of the DNC Epiphanius details and photos.

As reported Politeka, Russian passports for Ukrainians: disclosed scandalous detail, “agreed three months ago.”

Also Politeka wrote that “LC” has reacted to the distribution of passports of the Russian Federation: “We’re powerless”.