Soloist KAZKA scared fans of “duck” lips: “Sasha, what’s wrong?”

Солистка KAZKA напугала поклонников "утиными" губами: "Саша, что с вами?"

Soloist of the popular Ukrainian band KAZKA Alexander zaritska has published a new photo in Instagram , which succumbed to the wave of criticism

The singer posted a picture where she poses with bright makeup: eye makeup red eye shadow and lips with brown lipstick, advocating for the loop.

Many subscribers of the group such extravagant makeup was not pleasant.

“Sasha, what’s wrong with you”, “Kapets, it seems to me this time too far,” “Awful. Why would you spoil your appearance to such a nightmare”, “Horror spooky” — write in the comments.

Солистка KAZKA напугала поклонников "утиными" губами: "Саша, что с вами?"

Earlier zaritska has published a new picture in which the singer posing in a black dress with big ruffle and hat with large fields.

“like autumn 🍂”, signed black and white frame soloist CUZCO. She also asked what her fans love this time of year.

Subscribers could not pass up such a lovely publication.

“Beauty 😍”, “If the nature of something dying from it as it is and sad and well,because I know that it’s not the end of the spring, it definitely rejoices like a Phoenix.This gives hope that happens with people too….”, “Not legally Buti like Garnier ((((❤️😍💜”, “Wow”, “Star of my💫”, “OOO here harmonic edge”, “what planet are You from????”, “Gothic Princess”, “B*****************Ty Yak Garni!!!!!”, — written by Alexandra fans Zaritskaya under the photo.

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Солистка KAZKA напугала поклонников "утиными" губами: "Саша, что с вами?"

Earlier, the singer showed pictures. where she lies in a bathtub with no clothes on, showing on camera her Breasts and femme makeup.

“Today, I want to be a real, seductive, bold”, signed pictures of the singer.

Fans of Alexandra were delighted with the photos of her in such a bold manner.

“Very sexy and beautiful,” “What’s hot” “Yeah who the hell is showering in lipstick and makeup?”, “Kazka got older?”, “Not a Saint”, “Kapets could just bare, well, what,” write the people.

Recall, the soloist of “KAZKA” was struck by a radical change of image.

As reported Politeka, soloist of “KAZKA” in a revealing outfit widely placed legs.

Politeka also wrote that wet soloist KAZKA showed myself naked: “glasses and only tattoo.”