Soloist DeAngelo showed how it looked before plastic

Солистка НеАнгелов показала, как выглядела до пластики

The singer shared the photo archive, comparing them to her current appearance. The star said that the collage she sent.

The soloist of the band Neangely Thank Kaminska shared pictures “before” and “after” plastic surgery. Pictures of the star posted on his page in Instagram.

She wrote that she sent a collage, which matched a photo of her at a younger age now. According to Kaminskaya, after viewing the images, she realized that “doing everything right”.

The star also wrote that in the mirror changes with age, not seen. But she believes that the change of image and surgery has helped her become more beautiful.

Thank Kaminska says frankly about plastic surgery. Star changed the shape of the nose and increased breast. It is worth noting that the singer’s husband is a plastic surgeon.

Before Fame Kaminska fully naked for a photo. So the singer wanted to draw attention to the artificiality of social networking.

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