Soldiers pushing people vehicles! A military coup swept the country declared mobilization

Солдаты давят людей бронемашинами! Военный переворот охватил страну, объявлена мобилизация

The city streets were covered collision with the military, as the country planned a coup d’etat

About it reports Reuters.

So, the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guido urged residents of the country and the military to support the military coup. He is now at the air base, the country’s capital of Caracas, “La Carlota”.

“The national armed forces made the right decision, and they are counting on the support of the people of Venezuela,” he said.

Later it became known that the security service of Venezuela Guido fired tear gas when he was at the airport with his supporters.

Note that in a network there was video as one of the military vehicles drove into a crowd of protesters.

As previously reported, on Sunday, 31 March, armed men in civilian clothes opened fire on protesters. The incident occurred in the Venezuelan capital Caracas.

The attackers could be members of the “colectivos” — groups that support the authorities. According to local media reports, in result of firing two activists suffered gunshot wounds and was in the hospital.

It is clarified that the protest over the power outages took place in the Libertador district in Caracas. The protesters blocked the traffic on the streets.

Photo taken at the scene, you can see people with weapons in their hands. The video shots.

Previously, we reported that the aircraft with the military of Venezuela collapsed in the woods. The very accident occurred Monday, March 11.

At the time of the tragedy on Board the plane were high-ranking officers of the Armed forces of Venezuela. On the plane were three colonels of the armed forces and one Sergeant major. Light aircraft Cessna 206 owned by the company Aerotransporte La Montaña.

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As reported Politeka, Putin is afraid of a full-scale attack on Ukraine.

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