Sofia Richie came to light in a revealing silk dress

София Ричи вышла в свет в откровенном шелковом платье

Not so long ago, 20-year-old heir to a multimillion-dollar state signed a contract with popular Australian brand of shoes. Leggy blonde became the official representative of the fashion house, and also took part in the opening of the new store. However, Sofia Richie refused to participate in the television show, because the star of the catwalks warned editors not to answer questions concerning her 35-year-old boyfriend and legendary father. On hearing this, the representatives of the Shoe brand has terminated a contract with a young model, and many advertisers have refused to cooperate with Ritchie.

However, the choice of the broadcaster intends to develop own career without the influence of a popular father and lover. Yesterday, for instance, Sophia arrived to fashion Week, which takes place in new York. Writes long-legged supermodel was the honored guest of several shows and was one of the parties. Despite the fact that the designers didn’t invite the redhead on the podium, Richie enjoyed watching the fashion show from the auditorium. Also the young heiress music producer managed to captivate the views of others, wearing original outfit.

Fiancee Scott Desika posed in a revealing silk dress actual pink hue, decorated with numerous ruffles and a racy side slit. Additionally, the star of the catwalks added to the image using the Golden earring, the shoes to match the costume with high heels and simple bracelet. While Sofia Richie gave preference to natural makeup, highlighting olive skin tone with lots of highlighter. However, the daughter of popular producer attended the party alone. It seems that Scott is tired of social events, because the presenter often spends evenings at home with three heirs.

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