Social media can exacerbate depression: how to recognize anxiety symptoms

Соцсети могут усугубить депрессию: как распознать тревожные симптомы

Became known, what our habits in social networks lead to depression in the future

We know that there is a connection between social networks and mental health problems, as the use of online platforms can exacerbate the depressive state. But the new in-depth study has confirmed this correlation and found that certain habits in relation to social networking have a direct link with depression.

Researchers at Texas state University has analyzed the online behavior of 500 students, who often use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. In addition, they interviewed participants about whether they had any symptoms of depressive disorders and what they found startled us.

Scientists have determined that those who showed signs of depression, behaved in social networks as follows:

Соцсети могут усугубить депрессию: как распознать тревожные симптомы

Sign 1

They use social media to compare yourself to other, “better” than themselves. Most often, this trend can be seen in Instagram when users post only good photos and show a successful life, leaving reality behind the scenes;

Characteristic 2

They regularly use social networking sites and it comes to the level of “addiction” (such as was determined through the survey in which students answered “Yes” to the following statement: “you tried to minimize the use of social networking, you very often use social media sites, this has a negative impact on your work / school”)

Sign 3

They felt concerned after they said on the bad photos on social networks. This is often called the students ‘ anxiety and even aggression.

Sign 4

These students rarely publish pictures with other people. The reason people with depression, less published images with others, according to the study authors, is that individuals with this psychological problem often tend to isolate themselves from others.

Although the study, which has not yet been officially published, but presented last month at the annual meeting of the Association for psychological science in San Francisco, gives a great overview of the models of behavior of people who have had depression, scientists say with one hundred percent likely that symptoms of depression can be caused by social networks.

So think about it, if you notice in a at least one of induced the above symptoms, you may want to slightly limit time spent on social networks.

Соцсети могут усугубить депрессию: как распознать тревожные симптомы

We will remind, the summer — time of holidays, vacations, flowering trees, flowers and fascinating trips. But even in this fine period may be so disturbed as summer depression.

Researchers found that among seasonal affective disorders there is also a summer option. However, unlike winter seasonal affective disorder, when I want to hibernate, in summer disorder there is increased excitability.

With depression, the whole world does not seem bright and cheery, and dark and dreary.

In most cases, summer depression lies in the biological reason, says Ian cook, Director of the research center of the depression. However, there are cases when the summer depression is caused by a specific stress experienced during the summer.