Soccerdome: Saguenay partners with IntenCite

promoteur-pascal-bouchard-maire-saguenayAfter years of negotiations, Saguenay finally have its soccerdôme in September 2017. Mayor Jean Tremblay unveiled Wednesday a 15-year agreement with the promoter of sports recreation complex multi-generation IntenCité Pascal Bouchard.

“We’re here to stay,” to ensure Jean Tremblay, adding that the contract also contained two five-year options.

The private project of a total of $ 20 million had already been announced last year and officials hoped to agree with municipal authorities to lease land, which materialized lately. With this association, Saguenay reserve 4,500 hours annually for different teams in exchange for a financial contribution of $ 661,000.

With this agreement, the plans of the complex that is found at the corner of the highway and the St. Antoine rank near the Armoury have been changed somewhat. The synthetic soccer field inside 11 against 11, which will meet the FIFA standards, will be divided into three lots of seven against seven, to allow more people to use it simultaneously.

The project also includes dek hockey fields and a space of golf balls hit that will be used 365 days a year. The agreement between Saguenay and Goliath Group, an investment company behind the project, however, affects only soccer.

“The news is a great happiness. It’s beyond 15 years that I am on the record, “expressed Pascal Bouchard at a press conference, then confident that the work was begun.

First phase

Phase One, valued at $ 12 million, includes the main building of 125,000 square feet will be predominantly in wood and steel. The promoter said phases 2 and 3 would be launched soon and would affect related activities. For him the financial success of the complex through the multitude of sports and followers.

For its part, the mayor of Saguenay, Jean Tremblay, was very happy to finally build his town a soccerdôme, promise he made in September. The contract, however, was unique and had to receive approval from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. For him, with this agreement, the city is an excellent deal, especially with a return of $ 350,000 taxes. “That’s why it was longer. that we would have liked to do before, agree the first magistrate. There were many details and it had to be mounted.

“The clubs were patients. It’s been years that tells them it’s coming, “Jean Tremblay resume focusing his presentation on the status of sports facilities in Saguenay. In his view, with the addition of soccerdôme, lacks only Olympic size pool. “With that, we made a big step,” insist the mayor.

For the public, the cost of renting soccer fields will be $ 120 per day and $ 165 evenings and weekends.

Smiles among club officials
Those responsible for the Saguenay soccer clubs did not need to force yourself to smile during Wednesday morning’s press conference. This soccerdôme, they waited a long time.

Accompanied by his CEO Maxime Pepin, administrator Soccer Club of Chicoutimi, Christophe Rigert told that discussions around an inner center began in 2005. The president of the Shipshaw club, Sophie Tremblay, president of the club Jonquière, Serge Harvey, one of the Bay, Roch Lalancette, were all delighted in an interview with The Daily.

“It’s happiness,” Christopher Rigert to drop under the approving gaze of his colleagues.

“It was necessary to be able to develop,” to express Sophie Tremblay.

“It is confined to two volleyball courts to play futsal. For young people, it is very limited. Finally, a structure will move forward, “to argue Serge Harvey, confessing deny young people in sport-study program for reasons of space and safety.

“Young people also refuse because of 4 against 4 in a gym with a wooden floor, it does not interest them,” he observes. Like his colleagues, he expects a marked rise of discipline. In Jonquière, he believes it will have to manage a rise from 600 to 800 players through the complex IntenCité. According to them, the partnership between the private developer and Saguenay is a perfect formula.

“The private is a gift to us. One person will disturb and no other sport, “noted Serge Harvey said that never have been disturbed at the inner center materialize.


The leaders of various clubs now have half a year to prepare and they ensure that they will work together for making the schedules of use. “Now we have one, we do not chicanera to use some” guarantee Maxime Pepin.

For his part, the president of the Regional Soccer Association, Dany Drolet, see materialize the fruit of the work of recent years. “It will be an infrastructure for Saguenay youth, but also for the entire region with our regional winter leagues. It is clear that it will give a breath of fresh air for soccer, “commented Dany Drolet who now dreams of hosting provincial games while players in the region should compete all their away games.

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