Sobchak is in mourning over the death of “darling”: “he knew everything”

Собчак в трауре из-за смерти "любимого": "его знали все"

Kseniya Sobchak hard going through the death

About the death of beloved TV presenter said in his Telegram channel, accompanied by a post a touching comment.

“Favorite kitty,” wrote TV presenter by the news.

Ksenia Sobchak very worked up about the death of the most angry cat in the world Grumpy cat, the death of which said today his masters in social networks.

Собчак в трауре из-за смерти "любимого": "его знали все"

However, for a long time to grieve for the controversial leading – a luxury. Ksenia Sobchak has managed to unleash a new scandal in the Russian show-business.

The presenter was persuaded to an interview with the king of pop Philip Kirkorov, and during the conversation provoked the singer to the attack on Joseph Prigogine.

Kirkorov and spouse Valerie already exchanged mutual accusations. And Ksenia Sobchak ready to watch scandal.

Собчак в трауре из-за смерти "любимого": "его знали все"

Recall that the famous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak decided to chat with a young rap artist with the Glory of the Communist party, which is also known as Purulent.

For the meeting with the “young talent” Sobchak had to pay a tidy sum.

Fans of the rapper know that Slava never gives interviews free. Even for Ksenia Sobchak Purulent exceptions are not made.

“Slava, I’ll tell you honestly, this is my first experience in my life, so I paid the man for fellowship with him. You can count it,” said Xenia, and tore the envelope with a round sum in. After this, the presenter gave the rapper an impressive stack of bills. “All as agreed 250 thousand rubles”, – she said, stressing that interview with such an interesting character she was not sorry for that kind of money.

Slava commented that he believed Ksenia Sobchak’s word, so count the money did not. He noted that in Japan the practice of meetings for money without sex is very popular.

“So we will be around as well. I decided that for the money I’m not going to follow you around and just sit, talk,” smiled Ksenia Sobchak.

Recall that Sobchak and Vitorgan showed the “strawberry” on the beach after rumors of a divorce.

As reported Politeka, the husband Sobchak spoke sharply about the love triangle.

Also Politeka wrote that Sobchak showed his new lover.