Sobchak disgraced at her own wedding: “Friday the 13th”

Собчак опозорилась на собственной свадьбе: «пятница, 13-ое»

Ksenia Sobchak has managed to embarrass at his wedding

Ksenia Sobchak second time married.

Marriage ceremony of the 37-year-old Sobchak and 44-year-old theater Director Konstantin Bogomolov was held in Moscow. Griboedov to the Registrar’s office they arrived in the black hearse so we decided to beat the wedding date — Friday 13th.

Собчак опозорилась на собственной свадьбе: «пятница, 13-ое»

Apparently, Friday the 13th and played a cruel joke with the happy bride.

So, Sobchak appeared on his own wedding with a price tag on the shoes. On numerous paparazzi pictures show that the soles of shoes socialites flaunt stickers-price tags.

To see how much is the bridesmaid shoes, the fans failed.

Meanwhile, an insider told what gifts the couple want for their wedding.

So, Sobchak and Bogomolov ordered an Ottoman for almost 2 million rubles (about 770 thousand hryvnia) and a sofa for 800 thousand (almost 308 thousand hryvnias).

From budget gifts to the newlyweds want a set of 6 steak knives in wooden box for 60 thousand rubles (about 24 thousand hryvnia), fish fork for 24 thousand rubles (a little over 9 thousand hryvnias) and a serving spoon for 74 thousand (almost 28.5 thousand hryvnia).

Собчак опозорилась на собственной свадьбе: «пятница, 13-ое»

As we wrote earlier, Sobchak was struck by their appearance on the wedding.

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The Registrar Ksenia Sobchak demonstrated a very skimpy outfit. At the marriage ceremony the woman showed open neckline in a wedding dress. Many fans assumed that she had forgotten to wear a bra under wedding dress.

On one of the photos, where Sobchak and mantids are hand in hand once signed, is visible a bit, if I may say so, lowered the chest of 37-year-old TV presenter and socialite. Wedding lace and lightly translucent – chest without underwear is visible clearly.

Собчак опозорилась на собственной свадьбе: «пятница, 13-ое»

It is noteworthy that when Ksenia Sobchak was married to actor Maxim Vitorgan, the lovers chose to completely classify the event. Only a few friends on 1 February went to the cinema by the promise of the Prime Minister and was very surprised when saw entered the room Maxim and Ksenia in wedding garb.

Recall that from a previous marriage with Maxim Vitorgan Sobchak is the son of Plato.

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