Sobchak and her new husband did it in front of hundreds of guests: the video drives into the paint

Собчак и ее новоиспеченный муж проделали это на глазах сотен гостей: видео вгоняет в краску

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has married theater Director Konstantin Bogomolov

Russian chroniclers called the wedding of the controversial Telebanking and her beloved the main event in 2019.

On Friday, September 13, Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov became official husband and wife. Note that around this couple since last year wound all kinds of rumors. In this Union, many did not believe, considering it a publicity stunt.

Собчак и ее новоиспеченный муж проделали это на глазах сотен гостей: видео вгоняет в краску

However, today on his official page in social network Instagram Sobchak has shared the first wedding photo. The picture shows a close-up shot of hands of a TV presenter and her lover. “K + K = Love” – he signed photo happy bride.

It is noted that in addition to civil marriage registration Sobchak and Bogomolov were married in the Church of the ascension at Nikitsky gate. The ceremony was attended by only the closest relatives and friends, including TV presenter Andrey Malakhov, who held over the bride’s crown.

Then the couple went to the Banquet, which takes place in the Museum of Moscow and decorated in a Gothic style red and black color.

There, finally, was one of the main events – the first kiss of the newlyweds. The bride and groom kissed under the cheers of the guests, and behind a pair of spectacularly lit fountains wedding.

It is noteworthy that when Ksenia Sobchak was married to actor Maxim Vitorgan, the lovers chose to completely classify the event. Only a few friends on 1 February went to the cinema by the promise of the Prime Minister and was very surprised when saw entered the room Maxim and Ksenia in wedding garb.

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Собчак и ее новоиспеченный муж проделали это на глазах сотен гостей: видео вгоняет в краску

As we wrote earlier, Sobchak was struck by their appearance on the wedding.

The Registrar Ksenia Sobchak demonstrated a very skimpy outfit. Nacireman of marriage, the woman showed open neckline in a wedding dress. Many fans assumed that she had forgotten to wear a bra under wedding dress.

On one of the photos, where Sobchak and mantids are hand in hand once signed, is visible a bit, if I may say so, lowered the chest of 37-year-old TV presenter and socialite. Wedding lace and lightly translucent – chest without underwear is visible clearly.

Recall that from a previous marriage with Maxim Vitorgan Sobchak is the son of Plato.

Recall Sobchak married: announced wedding date, “short-lived”

Also Politeka wrote that Sobchak stirred the network candid photos in a swimsuit: “Ugh, that …”

And Politeka wrote that Sobchak in Kiev decided to reconcile Russia and Ukraine “brotherly Nations”