Snow in Midsummer: a large-scale emergency blocked country, the streets of the output special equipment

Снегопад посреди лета: масштабное ЧП блокировало страну, на улицы выводят спецтехнику

Heavy snowfall suddenly hit with the plus 20 degree weather

To combat the effects of the elements on the street even brought special equipment

State of emergency happened in the North the canadian province of British Columbia, tells CBC News, and the local people publish in social networks photos and videos of the snowfall.

In the town of Pink Mountin located at an altitude of about 1000 meters above the sea level dropped about 30 cm of snow, so clearing the trails they had to drive the machinery.

Снегопад посреди лета: масштабное ЧП блокировало страну, на улицы выводят спецтехнику

According to meteorologists, for the region, snow in August is not a very rare phenomenon, but such heavy snowfall here has not happened for a long time.

According to the Ministry of the environment of Canada, the average August snowfall in this region between 1981 and 2010 was 6 millimeters.

It was recently reported that Australia was covered with snow. At least on the continent now and winter, but residents are not accustomed to such harsh expressions. Due to bad weather conditions cut off from civilization was one of the settlements. Rescuers had to evacuate about 30 people.

It is reported that the elements took away human life.

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A victim of the snow was a woman. In Victoria the car collapsed tree that crushed to death the Australian. Her two sons four and five years old, was urgently hospitalized. Children are in hospital in serious condition.

It is also noted that a hurricane damaged the roof of a retirement home in Newcastle. Guests had to be evacuated.

Снегопад посреди лета: масштабное ЧП блокировало страну, на улицы выводят спецтехнику

In addition to the strong wind in the region has come, and cold – the night temperature dropped to one or two degrees below zero. On the roads dropped 13 inches of snow, traffic is difficult.

Authorities urged residents not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

We will remind, the snow Apocalypse has befallen Russia a week before the summer: there were shots of the raging elements.

As he wrote Politeka, a favorite resort of Ukrainians unexpected snowfall: “tourists attack”.

Also Politeka wrote that the weather was crazy, Ukraine is covered with snow: “may be canceled”, there were impressive shots.