Snow fell in Ukraine on Easter: “winter is back”, impressive photo

Снег выпал в Украине на Пасху: "зима вернулась", впечатляющие фото

Snow fell on the mountain the Pope Ivan chornogirskiy

In the Carpathians on the mountain Pop Ivan Montenegro on Easter, snow fell. This information was published on the page of the Montenegrin mountain rescue post in Facebook.

“As of 8:00 28.04.2019 in Pop Ivan Montenegro cloudy. Southwest wind 3-4 m / s. air Temperature + 3 ° C” , — stated in the message.

Снег выпал в Украине на Пасху: "зима вернулась", впечатляющие фото

The Agency also published a photo from the post.

Black mountain, or Pop Ivan Montenegro is one of the highest peaks of the ridge Chornogora, which is located on the South-Eastern end of the ridge on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions. The height of the mountain — 2020,5 meters.

Note that forecasters predicted April 28 warm weather. However, in some regions there will be rain. In particular, Reuters reported that heavy rains will be present in the territory of the Carpathian region. May even be a thunderstorm. Also the wet weather will be in the North, but the rain is expected to be insignificant. Other regions this day is supposed to do without rain.

The temperature on April 28 will vary the night from five to twelve degrees Celsius. Both Western and Eastern regions will be able to enjoy a temperature of thirteen degrees Celsius with a mark “+”. But the day the weather in Ukraine will be better. Easter is much warmer: temperature will rise to 18 or even up to 25 degrees Celsius.

Снег выпал в Украине на Пасху: "зима вернулась", впечатляющие фото

However, it is worth noting that immediately after Easter, the weather in Ukraine will worsen. The temperature will fall to 16 or even 10 degrees. Only in the southern regions and in the Transcarpathian region is around 20 degrees Celsius. Moreover, almost the entire territory of the country should expect rains.

Earlier it was reported, the weather on Easter in Ukraine will please almost annual temperature in most regions. About this on his page in Facebook said the forecaster Natalia Didenko. However, according to her estimates, 27 April and 28 April, on Easter, in the West of Ukraine and in the Northern regions intermittent rain, places with thunder-storms.


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