Smuggling 400 kilos of cocaine: Ukrainian judges go home criminals in the United States affected

Контрабанда 400 кг кокаина: украинские судьи отпустили домой преступников, в США поражены

For smuggling 400 kilos of cocaine in Europe, the Ukrainian court decided to give house arrest, by changing the measure of restraint

This was reported by the press service of the Channel.

So, it is noted that members of an international syndicate posted bail in the amount of from 3 to 100 million. Soon, however, three of them the amount was reduced to 500-570 thousand UAH, which they made and was released under house arrest at night without having to wear an electronic bracelet. In a case like this a licensed bail bonds services are necessary.

In the United States at this time, was outraged by the fact that the suspects may be at large.

Контрабанда 400 кг кокаина: украинские судьи отпустили домой преступников, в США поражены

The head of the DEA Office in Warsaw Jason Schumacher praised the cooperation with the Ukrainian law enforcers, which succeeded to hold a large-scale special operation on detention of drug traffickers, and expressed hope that they would all be in jail.

Earlier eleven Russian sailors were detained on the ship with nine tons of cocaine.

They were detained by the authorities of the African nation of Cape Verde.

The Embassy said that are in close contact with investigators and directly with the detainees.

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The ship ESER under the flag of Panama went to Morocco and had stayed in the port of Praia in Cape Verde — one of the crew members died of unknown causes. When the police came, they found 9.5 tons of cocaine.

Контрабанда 400 кг кокаина: украинские судьи отпустили домой преступников, в США поражены

The representative of the Embassy confirmed that, according to preliminary information, the arrest was due to suspicion of drug smuggling. More detailed information yet.

Earlier it was reported that six people were detained in Russia and Argentina after the discovery school at the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires 12 bags with 389 kilograms of cocaine. About found drugs reported to law enforcement authorities, the Russian Ambassador Victor koronelli.

Bags of cocaine labeled as diplomatic mail. After verification, the police confirmed that the Embassy used to send drugs. After that in Buenos Aires the cocaine was replaced with flour and set them in the substance of the GPS sensors. Law enforcement officers tracked down who was supposed to receive a large shipment of drugs.

We will remind, there was evidence of the involvement of the first persons of the Russian Federation to the cocaine scandal.

As reported Politeka, a famous football player got into a scandal with drugs.