SMS greetings on the Day of defender of Ukraine in Russian and Ukrainian languages

СМС-поздравления на День защитника Украины на русском и украинском языках

On 14 October our country celebrates the Day of defender of Ukraine, which is celebrated in 2014. This is an important holiday for Ukraine, and it corresponds to the rise of patriotism and the growth of the national samodejatelnost Ukrainians. Also, this day coincides with another national holiday – Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. To congratulate on such a day defender of the Motherland – a sacred thing.

We offer wishing to use the greetings for SMS messages that you can send to your husband, lover, friend. SMS messages are particularly relevant in the absence of the Internet, because often where there is military based, global network.

This is a short message in Russian and Ukrainian language, serious, funny, in verse and prose, which will complement your cards to our soldiers.

СМС-поздравления на День защитника Украины на русском и украинском языках

Congratulations on defender of the Fatherland Day in verse

Without the war it is better to live happily

But whether you are ready to always defend

And country, and family

The elderly, children and wife.


Want beloved to tell

The pair came to wish

Defenders of good, hope,

We loved you before.


I want to congratulate you, son

You are such a one.

Let the pride of the whole country –

Because she needs so much

СМС-поздравления на День защитника Украины на русском и украинском языках

Congratulations with the Day of Fatherland defenders in the Ukrainian language

Greetings in the national language of the country is very relevant in a very Ukrainian holiday. It is impossible to forget, because our soldiers are fighting for Ukraine. And texts in the Ukrainian language are highly valued, sometimes even it is really improper to congratulate a soldier of the Ukrainian army in the Russian language. But here is how someone is comfortable and who is addressed, there is no sedition, and greetings in Russian. A patriot of Ukraine may be Russian-speaking people.

Vitayu You s Chudova Holy – Day of zapisnice Ukraine. This day woobly Moinesti, strength, honor I obov’yazok! From us does Bajan You mclogo health protection, USPHS I procuranda. Let them have Your Dom panuyut Dovira first world, and in robot – stabilnist!

S Day zapisnice vitayu!

Moznost Tobi Bajan.

Peaceful sky over the head

I Nikoli not panati battle.


Tattoo, t our zahisnik!

Holy s I vitayu!

Our smani retuni,

Duzhe you povazay!

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Mi glory spam

The heroes of the country,

Wonam plastic —

The Zahisnikov Ukraine,

Scho muinjo to boronate us

From the foe,

Hi tank hi hail

You don’t salakati.

Everyone knows, what does Tim scho zhittya

Not scout wadati —

Nisiki you ukln,

I great podyaka!


One Smuglyanka leaves sriva,

Pisnyu Dosu for vancem Spa,

In Shati bagran udaga dbrow,

In host the Veda of the blessed Intercession!


High Cover at the time onnu

Waiting for you happiness, success nd wena,

Always fortune Creel agarta!

Z Holy to you, zapisnik miy, vitayu!

СМС-поздравления на День защитника Украины на русском и украинском языках

Use prepared texts, and write their words of sincere congratulation that will bring your family, friends and acquaintances of warmth in those cold autumn days. Enjoy their humor and words of support.

The tradition of celebrating Day of defender of Ukraine is strengthening year by year, already many are beginning to forget, and some do not know that almost 20 years of independence of Ukraine celebrated the Day of defender of the Fatherland February 23, the day that moved us in the inheritance from Soviet holiday. And only the Russian aggression in 2014, the rise of national consciousness, the reluctance to have anything to do with the country-aggressor attacked our country in a difficult moment, has led to the emergence of your holiday. The choice of the date, October 14 is not accidental, that this day in Ukraine is celebrated as a day of Intercession, considered since ancient times a defender and protector of warriors, who has given them victory over foreign invaders. The tradition to honor the mother of God as patroness of the military, originates from the 12th century.

Also, on October 14 to celebrate the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks, which, incidentally, has already been canceled, even in independent Ukraine, and then returned in an updated form, so it was strongly influenced by the Pro-Russian forces in our country.

You can also use ready-made texts in verse and prose congratulations to the defenders of the Fatherland, which we picked up for shipment via the Internet.

We should not forget that congratulations with this traditionally masculine holiday in modern conditions deserve and women who are now many in the Ukrainian army and volunteer regiments. They are often on a par with men fighting against an external aggressor, share the hardships of military conditions.

SMS greetings in verse and prose, in Russian and Ukrainian languages is only a small part of our gratitude for the heroism of our defenders of the Fatherland.