Smoking ban lowers blood pressure among urban residents

Запрет на курение понижает артериальное давление у жителей городов

A ban on bad habits may be for the whole city, not to mention those who abuse these habits

The ban on Smoking in public places not only protects passive smokers from developing lung cancer, but also significantly lowers the average level of the “upper” blood pressure.

This is stated in a new study by the American Association of cardiovascular diseases.

Запрет на курение понижает артериальное давление у жителей городов

“We found that Nonsmoking adults who lived in areas where the ban was passed on Smoking in public places, had lower systolic (“upper” — ed.) arterial pressure to the end of the observation period compared to those who lived in areas where such restrictions were not” — says the study’s lead author Stephanie main.

To their surprise, the scientists found that tobacco control policy is associated with a decrease in systolic blood pressure but no effect on indices of diastolic blood pressure or high blood pressure. Researchers still can’t explain it, but I suspect that the case in the impact of systolic blood pressure, which is below the threshold of hypertension.

Specialists for 25 years, watched by a group of 2600 volunteers from among young people residing in different US States, where Smoking in public places such as permitted and prohibited.

It is noted that volunteers from the “non-Smoking” States the systolic pressure was about 1.14 and 1.5 mm Hg. article lower than those who lived in areas without such bans.

We will add, earlier researchers found that the body recovers after Smoking after 15 years, so it’s important to quit Smoking before.

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Doctors recommend to quit Smoking, not later than 40-45 years, as the cardiovascular system returns to the order of only about 15 years after tobacco withdrawal.

Запрет на курение понижает артериальное давление у жителей городов

“We have shown that within five years after you quit Smoking, your health will improve noticeably. The risk to get heart attack, stroke and other heart problems will fall by about 38%. On the other hand, our study shows that these odds remain higher than normal for at least 16 years of age. So quit Smoking now”, say the researchers.

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