Smile a new day. Jokes for a good mood on 9 October 2018

Jokes for a good mood on 9 October 2018.

Посміхніться новому дню. Анекдоти для доброго настрою на 9 жовтня 2018 року

Positive emotions are important to humans, it is therefore necessary to regularly replenish the good mood of cheerful anecdotes, informs Rus.Media.


– Sara, a buffet is when hands?!
– Borechka, buffet – when standing!


The ad in the Elevator: “Call the lifter to the house.”


For women a car is just a big purse in which you can still ride.


– I’m sleeping with your husband!
– Well, go, I’ll regret…


If you lived without any sense, died for nothing.


Do you know why police officers often cannot arrest a criminal?
Because he’s a senior.


The boy felt something was wrong, when Gopnik another area that he went to see his girlfriend, said behind him:

– Do not touch, it with Masha, seen a brave man.


Little boy watching TV and watching a program about the Indians.

Suddenly asked the Pope sitting next to me,

– And why they wear it?

– They are preparing for war.

In the evening scared to death my son runs up to his dad and yells:

– Dad, dad! Mom is preparing for war!


– Mom, tomorrow parent-teacher meeting. Go?

– No, son, we better with the money you maybe go to Turkey!


Time is an amazing thing.

It is so little, when you are late.

Many are waiting for.


Russian addicted to alcohol due to the harsh climate.

Here and now: the weather is wonderful and the climate is severe.


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The Director calls his Secretary:

– Light, write an announcement that on Tuesday held a meeting of heads of departments!

– Nikolai Mikhailovich, but as it is written: “butong” or “Butorac”?

Okay, Light, write that on Wednesday!


The West has threatened a terrible anti-Russian sanctions:

transfer money with Western accounts of the oligarchs in the Russian accounts of pensioners.


Mama wanted to give Yasha Rabinovich in music school, but he always found a way back.


Four-year-old girl visits the apartment of family friends that my mom came to visit:

– And my mom has the same mirror, she looks at him when armpit shaves.

Seeing my mother’s stern look, gets better:

Or mustache pulls.


– Fima, sho would you recommend as a tool for weight loss green tea or green coffee?

Fira, I beg you! Eat green sausage of the day minus three pounds.


Sometimes I change the ratio to alcohol to “sharply negative”, but for a long time my heart can’t hold a grudge and I forgive him.


Though kill, I do not understand why you need a toilet paper with scent, for example, chamomile…

Before use no one is sniffing, and then even more so.


Today at the bus stop: this was father, and beside him a mother with a little girl.

Mala looked at the priest and said, “mom, why is Santa Claus dressed in black?? Or maiden died??”

The stop fell over laughing, and the priest went to the stall and bought the girl a chocolate bar!

For wit!


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