SMART KIDS: how business can transform parents of Millennials into loyal customers?

SMART KIDS: как бизнесу превратить родителей-миллениалов в лояльных клиентов?

International company “Business Designer” is organizing the first Ukraine all-Ukrainian summit of suppliers of goods and services for children to discuss the issue of concern to everyone today: “How to build and organize the business in the baby industry for effective interaction with the parents of the Millennials?”

In 2012 The Boston Consulting Group conducted a study entitled ‘The Millennial Consumer’. It was attended by four thousand of the generation Y aged between 16 to 34 years. According to the study, the main distinguishing feature of “Mom-millennial” child for them is a driver of personal development and for your child they did not mind. This audience can easily spend the money with a factor of x2 for themselves and their child, but they will trust only reputable bloggers or moms-celebrities. The Millennials are very well aware of the value of the individual approach in the upbringing and development of the child — which is why they choose the best toys, the centers for creativity and learning for their children. What should be the brand that parents-Millennials have to pay attention to him? As businesses need to adjust their business processes to create services for the children of the Millennials?

“2018 “Business Designer” took the vector to create the most useful sector-specific summits in Ukraine. Our summits is a concentrate of knowledge, experience sharing by top players in the industry. In our opinion, this is a “must have” to visit every owner of the company. If we talk about the concept of the all-Ukrainian summit of suppliers of goods and services for children, our goal is to derive a formula system business in the baby industry. A business that operates with the most sophisticated and advanced target audience in the world, should also flexibly to change and to think in terms that are close to today’s parents, especially their children. I am a representative of the millennial generation. And I understand what should be the baby industry, that in the future I want to buy some goods for her child. So we built the entire program of the summit — insights and case studies from successful Ukrainian business representatives, which are tested on personal experience,” commented operations Director of the company “Business Designer” Mikhail Zimin.

Speaker, the summit program is filled with performances of the Director network development of “Adobes grashok” Tatiana Lahtadyr, the founder of the network of child care institutions “Toto” Tatiana Sorokina, the founder and CEO of the international company “Business Designer” Kirill Kunitsky, the founder of the network of child care institutions “Emily Club” Galina Shostak and a few secret speakers, which the team promises to reveal to may 22.

Recall that the “Business Designer” is an international company unique training and consulting project for the owners of small and medium businesses, to encourage you as a business owner that you can learn more here. The founder of the company – Kirill Kunitsky has developed a comprehensive methodology for the systematization of the business, and it has already trained over 13,000 entrepreneurs from different countries.