Small Ukrainian took his own life because of the gifts big brother: terrible details of the tragedy

Маленький украинец свел счеты с жизнью из-за подарка старшему брату: подробности жуткой трагедии

10-year-old child has committed an irreparable act, when the mother made a gift not to him but to his older brother

After a quarrel with his mother, he ran out of the house. More alive she could not see it.

A terrible tragedy occurred in the village Kamburliivka Onufrievsky district, Kirovograd region. There hanged a 10 year old boy because of seemingly trivial reasons, writes Columnist.

Маленький украинец свел счеты с жизнью из-за подарка старшему брату: подробности жуткой трагедии

Mom decided to encourage the older 12-year-old son and gave him the headphones.

The middle child, and all in the family three children, quarreled with his mother and ran out of the house. The woman rushed to look for him and found already dead – the child has committed suicide.

According to villagers, family, where the tragedy occurred, quite prosperous. The head of the family the fourth year is in the area of environmental protection. Mother is a housewife.

Eyewitnesses said that at about four o’clock in the afternoon saw the older children, who were returning from school. They behaved as usual. And an hour later the middle child did not.

“What she went through, taking out son out of the loop and trying to revive him, it is impossible to imagine. The boy died in her arms,” – said the Secretary of the village Council Nadezhda Lukyanenko.

She added that, according to mother, she did not refuse the middle son in a gift and was asked to wait for social benefits, which would use the money to buy a headset to him.

“Came to visit us today, crying. Said that just yesterday he received the money from social security, which promised to buy middle son a gift…” – said Lukyanenko.

The boy’s death on Wednesday, September 11. At his son’s funeral came from the front father.

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Police said that on the child’s body damage was not, except for the ligature marks (from the loop).

As we wrote earlier, in Vinnytsia prison hanged a suspect in the torture and depravity of their children.

The deceased is a 32-year-old resident of Vinnytsia. The man raised two children: a girl and a boy of three and five years. Neighbors have repeatedly drawn attention to bruising in children, began to suspect his father. This was reported to the secret service, then to the police. The suspect installed video surveillance. The camera recorded as “father” beats and strangles the girl, whereupon the commandos detained him.

Маленький украинец свел счеты с жизнью из-за подарка старшему брату: подробности жуткой трагедии

It turned out that the man was not only tortured the children, and filmed porn with them and spread photos on the web.

The monster was taken into custody and taken to a detention center. The next day the suspect hanged himself.

After his suicide the children were taken to an orphanage.

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