Small colorful stories: a book, 186 authors

artiste-sophie-rozenn-boucher-lors(Cowansville) Despite their young age, Cowansville swarm of children can now boast of having been published.

The 186 pupils of primary school Cure-A.-Petit participated this winter to create a beautiful book on colors, entitled Small colorful stories.

For a month, each of the ten classes wrote a passage and makes the watercolor illustrations with the help of the artist Rozenn Sophie Boucher, visual arts specialist, which is then responsible for the correction, layout and publishing.

“Art helps to express, explore the matter, said the young woman from Cameroon at the launch of the book on Monday at the gymnasium of the establishment of Breault street. It allows us to see our inner light, feel a little more to our humanity. Art unites us. ”

Cute and moving, the recueilrassemble 10 stories inspired exploded the official theme of Curé-A.-Petit in 2015-2016, colors. Green for kindergarten, yellow, blue and red for the students of the first cycle, orange, pink and purple for the 2nd cycle, turquoise for structured special education class and black and white for the third cycle.

From prose to poetry

As for the texts, they alternate between prose toddlers, key-words, riddles and poems for older children. “There was a lot of room for imagination, said the project manager, Patricia Anne Blanchet, teacher specializing in drama. It was sparkling! ”

Two class texts of students in physical education and drama come close the book. It’s “a whole in which each student has left its mark,” said Ms. Boucher Rozenn.

The idea came from the children themselves, supported by the Culture Committee of the alternative schools that adopted the Freinet pedagogy. As for the coming of the artist in residence Rozenn Sophie Boucher, it was made possible by the support of Ministry of Education through the My School program hosts an artist.

Small colorful stories available to school Cure-A.-Petit in some school libraries and the Bruck Museum at a cost of $ 10. And as a student cleverly said at the launch: “It is even possible to buy two for $ 20!”.

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