Slave Isaura sang Chervona Ruta in Kharkov

 Рабыня Изаура  спела Червону руту в Харькове

The performer of the title role in the popular nineties series Slave Izaura visited Ukraine.

The main heroine of the cult TV series Lucelia Santos came on tour to Ukraine. The first star visited Kharkiv, where she spoke in Ukrainian.

In the Internet appeared the video, which Santos together with the Ukrainian TV presenter Dmitry Komarov sang Chervona Ruta. Clip published on the YouTube channel Sloki edge.

The publication reports that Santos met with Ukrainian traveler and leading in Brazil when Mosquitoes filmed one of his programs. Then the star has promised to visit Ukraine and he kept his word.

“Slave Izaura” will continue to travel in Ukraine until 27 October. She plans to visit Kiev, the Dnieper, Uzhgorod, Chernivtsi and Odessa.

Earlier during the shooting of Ukrainian-French film actor Jean Reno in the Carpathians, spoke in Ukrainian.

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