Skobeeva howled after the harsh statements Zelensky, Russia hysteria: “we’re ready!”

Скабеева взвыла после резкого заявления Зеленского, в России истерика: «Давайте, мы готовы!»

Journalist Olga Skobeeva dispersed in earnest, when she denied accreditation to the press-marathon Vladimir Zelensky

Odious Russian propaganda burst into angry speech.

Skobeeva troubled by the fact that it was not allowed in to the President of Ukraine, who on Thursday, October 10, held a press-marathon with journalists in Kiev. His hysterical Kremlin propaganda voiced in Telegram channel.

Скабеева взвыла после резкого заявления Зеленского, в России истерика: «Давайте, мы готовы!»

Skobeeva Zelensky resentfully remembered his words that there should be a dialogue with Putin and trump and Donbass.

“So let’s talk finally. And that kind of nonsense: what we through intermediaries?” asked Skobeeva to the head of Ukraine.

The propaganda also decided, apparently, to pin Zelensky, saying that if he is the President, then certainly to ensure its security on the territory of Ukraine. “Otherwise, some kind of Somalia,” concluded Skobeeva.

In the end obnaglev she offered Zelensky to meet on neutral territory. “Well, You come to us. We are safe!” — quipped propaganda.

Recall that Zelensky said that he is not going to communicate during the press-marathon with representatives of the Russian media. According to him, he doesn’t have time to answer all journalists who “are not warm to the independence of Ukraine.” Zelensky added that this applies to the press of any country. He also described the “dangerous” desire Kabaevoy to come to Ukraine.

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Earlier we wrote that Olga Kabaeva scored a new “gem” in the network. This time the Russian journalist is not pleased dogs and their owners.

So, the presenter believes that the aggressive behavior of dogs should respond to their masters. The corresponding opinion was expressed in his Telegram-channel, cord, commented on the dangerous breeds list, compiled by the Russian government.

Скабеева взвыла после резкого заявления Зеленского, в России истерика: «Давайте, мы готовы!»

“Since January of 2020 will enter into force a law that will forbid to walk a potentially dangerous dog without a muzzle and leash. I love dogs. If the dog is aggressive or something, then you need to blame the owner. So a month ago I was bitten by the neighbor’s Dachshund. Not to recognize the Dachshund is extremely dangerous…,” said Skobeeva.

In the network because of the situation there are a lot of humorous comments: “Looks like the fee was strongly poisonous)),” “And the fee after that died,” “I Wonder Kabaevoy put the vaccine against rabies. Although she’s like that” – cheered in earnest internetcommunity.

Recall that Putin is scared of scientists his new appearance: “the old man’s face floated”.

As reported Politeka, double Putin has angered Russians ridiculous reaction: “Bald dog”.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin infuriated the Russians a military solution: “Grandpa really bad.”