Sivoho voiced the main goal of his nomination to the Parliament: “I Want to send them all in…”

Сивохо озвучил главную цель своего выдвижения в Раду: «Хотим послать их всех в…»

Ukrainian TV presenter Sergei Sivoho revealed details of his nomination to the Verkhovna Rada

He said this during the recording of the video message to the journalist Alexander by Dubinsky.

“I’m not just a “entertainer” and “comedian”. I am now a candidate in constituency 49. Druzhkovka and Konstantinovka. I am struggling with an ancient power. Which was even before “old”. Wish success,” he said.

Moreover, Dubinsky has also shown the Board at their headquarters that says that they want to send the old regime in the causal place.

As previously reported, a showman and an active ally of Vladimir Zelensky, Sergei Sivoho told about his expectations from the new President.

Sivoho said that he was a supervisor on the site in Kiev and happy to win Zelensky. However, he noted that he pins great hopes on the presidency Zelensky.

“I know that Vladimir is the most appropriate person of all the people who are currently in politics. We have many common points of view, because we know each other for decades. I hope that this man at the helm will be able to do something,” said Sivoho.

Regarding the attacks of enemies, he noted that Zelensky’ve encountered them all my life, but always achieved the goals.
“It was once criticized that he will not be able to create a team (KVN — note). Then he said that he will not be able to make the television product that he will not be able to control the channel. Now is the next stage. I think all of his work”, — said the showman.

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Sivoho expressed confidence that Zelensky can become a good President.

Сивохо озвучил главную цель своего выдвижения в Раду: «Хотим послать их всех в…»

We will remind, at Zelensky reported major infamy of the Cabinet: decided to please Akhmetov.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky staged a reshuffle at the top posts published new decrees.

Also Politeka wrote that the truth about the coalition revealed in Parliament: “did not expect even Zelensky”.