Singer Andrey Gubin spoke about his illness in the programme “Tonight”. VIDEO

Once popular singer Andrey Gubin does not very often appear on the TV screen. However, the contractor still gives a rare interview as part of the TV show.

So, on Saturday evening was held the next edition of the show, “Tonight”, where Maxim Galkin and Yulia Menshova remembered stars of the late 1990s and early 2000 years.

In the Studio, also appeared and Andrei Gubin, the peak of popularity which had just at this period.

However, the recent news about the Gubin do not appear in connection with his work, and in connection with his illness. Speaking about his illness Andrei Gubin told in the program “Tonight.”

Andrey Gubin does not like to talk, what with him still happened. However, a few years ago it became known that the reason for leaving the popular singer from the stage was the disease: left – sided prosopalgia (a rare disease of the nervous system).

Andrey Gubin said that his health condition is, unfortunately, not improved. And doctors do not know how to treat the illness of the singer.

“To me doctors have long waved his hand. All the parameters I was supposed to die,” says Gubin.
Andrew said that he is not bored, and spending time in the gym and gnaws granite science.

Home Gubin at the moment in his native city of Ufa.

VIDEO: “Tonight” from 19.01.2019

All their forces the contractor is left to recover his health, so back to the singing career is not going to. Although, says the singer, the offers he received so far.

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Gubin also told that in his life ailments prevail, although he would not mind to return to the profession. Note that due to illness the artist goes into spasms of the muscles of the face and eyes that discomfort.

Andrew also likes to appear in the light and be photographed, as sores do not let him from morning to evening.

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