— Since you can’t perform your wifely duties in the family of a son, then I’ll do it

— Раз ты не можешь выполнять свои женские обязанности в семье сына, то это буду делать я

Mother-in-law calls me “redneck”. However, I don’t understand what’s wrong with that? Yeah, I came to the big city from the village. His mind entered the budget, graduated with honors. I have a high-paying job and your own apartment.

My husband and I took to his house from his father’s house — the Dorm where they lived alone with his mom. I paid for my husband’s training, gave him a good job, gave birth to a healthy baby.

On maternity leave with our daughter sitting husband. My salary is more noticeable than the spouse, and we decided it would be better.

When I was at work, my apartment, all tucked in-law. She was sure the son can’t handle her granddaughter, who had come to “help”.Help from mother-in-law was — a cat naplakal. But this does not prevent it it is important to inform everyone that my husband and I sat her on the neck:

Nothing this “hillbilly”: the child always hungry, and my son has a shirt not ironed. Now, go help and prepare, and wash, and shirts to son Pat. And she’s the face of his rural from I was disgusted.

I wondered why the guy in the decree ironed shirt? But once his mother do nothing — let the stroking, since she wants.

One day, the mother-in-law fatefully announced, I quit my job:

— Since you can’t perform your wifely duties in the family of a son, then I’ll do it. That curve? Thank you would say!

That day I had a very difficult: the end of the quarter, checks, reports, boss is cracking down. Home I came to the platoon. And, hearing her statement, I first got nasty mother-in-law:

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— Second baby son, too, You give birth to?

She gave me a slap in the face, shouting:

— How dare you, “Rube”! And this your gratitude for the things I do for you?

— What are You doing? Sit all day at my house and poisoning my husband against me?

The fruits of labor-in-law, for me, was completely invisible. She was making? From my products, and all eaten before I came. Those damn shirts that day she washed and ironed, provided that no one wore? In my eyes she just shook light and water. Her constant insults? Perhaps in this way she supported me, and I’m stupid, didn’t understand?

— I’m leaving this house, my legs will not be here longer, until I hear an apology. — mother-in-law slammed the door, and I thought it was the sound of a stone that fell from my soul.

The husband sided with his mother:

— You have to apologize to her! She is my mother. If not for her help, I would be at home crazy. Our daughter is uncontrollable, her need of the eye. Or do you apologize to mom, or go on maternity leave herself!

My husband went to work, I went on maternity leave. Stunned: the salary of the husband was considered to be a salary man. My daughter was supposed to live on my maternity leave. We have two of them lacked the money for the eyes. But my husband wanted to eat meat, not buying it at their own expense. The conversations have not yielded any result. The husband refers to the words of his mother, as the laws of the Supreme legislative body.

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— Mom said that my salary is my salary! And my salary should I spend on myself. Why should I contain?

Maybe with the fact that I kept until he was sitting with the baby? Why, then, his mother said, “Son, your maternity leave — your maternity leave soon! Only for them and live!”

The worst thing — you have only to ask for forgiveness from the mother of her husband, and she promises to stop hammer his head with such nonsense. Mother-in-law she personally called and told me this information.

My husband is my first man. We got married when I was 36. Before that, I didn’t have time for a device of personal life — education and career pulled me in a head.

I’m at a crossroads. On the one hand, to be alone with a child in 40 years. To provide a daughter, I cannot, I don’t want her growing up without a dad. On the other hand to squeeze out this “excuse” to cave in and stay with her husband. With such an unreliable husband, dancing to the tune of his mother.

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