Simple rules will help to always look young: how to use creams

Простые правила помогут молодо выглядеть всегда: как правильно использовать кремы

Using creams for face, you need to consider some of the nuances — it will help to look young and maintain good skin condition for a long time

Facial creams help to avoid the appearance of premature age-related changes in the skin, saturating it with necessary health elements. The professionals recommend to follow the 4 important rules of using creams and gels for the face. Simple tips will protect your skin and will be reliable as prevention of skin aging, and inflammatory processes and other such problems.

Простые правила помогут молодо выглядеть всегда: как правильно использовать кремы

So, first and foremost, the skin tends to get used to those or other sets of ingredients contained in the cream. The dermis also change throughout a person’s life that requires the use of different means to care for her.

Therefore, to maintain good skin condition and spectacular appearance, it is better to periodically change the cosmetics. This will allow you to save the response of the cells on the useful components and nourish the skin accordingly, it “queries”.

Face creams should be changed in accordance with the time of year, many of you know the truism — in the cold season, the skin needs protection in the heat of hydration. According to the seasons selected and the cosmetic composition, structure and oiliness. Going outside in the cold, it is better to provide the skin protective film that is moisturizing.

Night cream also need to be applied correctly, not just before going to sleep, and 2-3 hours before. Otherwise not to avoid morning puffiness of the face.

Choosing a cream, it is better to prefer the tubes, they, unlike jars, are not open to retrieve the desired dose completely, because unable longer to remain unspoiled. They also not so easy to penetrate the bacteria, which can then be transferred to the skin, leading to inflammation.

Простые правила помогут молодо выглядеть всегда: как правильно использовать кремы

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Such simple measures will help not only to effectively use makeup for face, but also to receive from it the maximum benefit.

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