Simple rules for those who want to lose weight the tips nutritionists

Простые правила для тех, кто хочет похудеть: советы диетологов

About these simple rules should be remembered to anyone who wants to lose weight

Many believe that the process of losing weight affects only the power. However, there are a number of habits and actions that can accelerate this process.

Add more vegetables

Without normalization food to lose weight nobody could. It is best to start changing my diet adding to the diet of vegetables. They contain the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals that will help to fill the body with all useful substances.

Простые правила для тех, кто хочет похудеть: советы диетологов

Add the vegetables can gradually so your body does not turn on the “power saving”. Thus, you will protect yourself from the mood swings and your motivation will remain high.


Another important aspect of weight loss is physical activity. Not necessarily in the first day to run to the gym and working 10 hours a day. It’s better to start small. For example, there’s a lot more to walk or start to do every morning exercises. For a start it will be enough.

Follow portion

The most common cause of obesity is overeating. Sometimes the feeling of hunger is able to convince us that we need to eat huge amounts of food. In such cases, you need to take control of your desires and think a little. The organism is sated with his usual amount of food, regardless, even the strongest hunger. It should be noted that if you started to exercise, the body requires a little more energy.

Exclude drinks

Few people think in different juices and drinks are incredibly a lot of calories. For weight loss it is recommended to replace all sodas and store bought juices for plain water. So you reduce the number of calories consumed from 200-300 calories per day.

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Turn on the snacking

Nothing wrong with snacking, no. The important thing is how much and what you eat. Try to eliminate snacking of unhealthy foods such as chips, pastries, etc. Give preference to nuts, osanobu liver, vegetables and fruits.

Простые правила для тех, кто хочет похудеть: советы диетологов


The process of losing weight does not require extremes. If you decide to exercise, you do not need to plunge into this. If you decide to normalize the power — no need to get rid of all products that have fats. Gradual change will not cause you depression and does not harm health.

Recall excess weight can lead to depression

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