Simon Kean wins by KO 5th round

simon-kean-domine-echanges-bout(Trois-Rivieres) Simon Kean rose to a level higher Friday in industrial property in Trois-Rivieres by paying a knockout the fifth round against Mexican Daniel Cota so to remain unbeaten in his first five pro fights.

For this second exit to his supporters, the OM London 2012 offered a more substantial performance against a rival that was clearly able to withstand some powerful slaps to the face. Cota was not the last to arrive, with a roadmap that particular account duels with two world champions.

“This is my longest fight career, it went well. I took my time, I have waited for my opportunities. He had a rock head and he took the blows, laughing. He still wondered, is in a Mexican style. Now I am ready to face the best! “Said Kean, who was somewhat bothered by an injury to a hand, a discomfort which dates from his fight in Gatineau on 21 February.

slow start

The final duel of the evening presented by Eye of the Tiger Management has started slowly as Kean and Cota did take the time to study each other in the first three minutes.

The crowd favorite then increased the rate at each subsequent round, the final assault occurring in the fifth round while his Mexican opponent visited the mat twice. The referee finally stopped the duel at 1:56 of the fifth round.

If Cota became shake a few times, Kean has not suffered too much from the cables. The attacks of Mexican were rare, given the difference in scope, much to the advantage of Kean who led from one end to another.

“He did not pogne very strong. And I really felt I was in control late in the third round. Because of his style, I had to take against attack and it was useless to hit the body, “said Kean, referring to his opponent coated silhouette.

“Super Performance”

All smiles in the ring with her foal, the promoter Camille Estephan admitted having been impressed by the Trifluvien 27 years. “It was another great performance. He listened to his coach (Mike Moffa) perfectly. It did not take too much risk and it is the kind of fighter we want to build. A style that Klitschko put on an excellent jab, “he boasted, arguing that it would now measure Avery Kean Gibson, an American who was in action earlier in the evening on Friday.

“Simon beat Cota in his fifth bout career while a guy like Oscar Rivas beat in his 14th fight. Both have conquered the fifth round, “added Estephan, for comparison.

After a gala where the mercury was cooking, the big boss of EOTTM seemed delighted by the welcome the public trifluvian for this second event in the space of seven months.

“It was filled, people have again responded well. It was just a pity we had not been able to sell alcohol. We’ll fix it for next time. ”

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