Silvia Notargiacomo tells how she learned of his departure from Dancing with the stars – Here

This is a very sad way that Silvia Notargiacomo has learned that she was not selected for the next season of Dancing with the stars. The dancer, true to the program since the beginning, has been transferred by… SMS.

For the first time in seven seasons of Dancing with the stars, viewers will not be able to admire the skills of the dancer Silvia Notargiacomo. On Instagram, she announced yesterday her departure from the show, saying simply that it was ” not his choice “. Interviewed by Gala, Silvia Notargiacomo is back on the way she had learned that she was not retained for the new season of the show.

After being reminded of how Dancing with the stars was important to her, the dancer revealed that it is the production who had kindly pushed towards the exit : “I would never have left DALS “. Silvia Notargiacomo has mostly lifted the veil on the average employee to announce his departure : “I was waiting for news to see if there would be a sequel to my adventure for a long time. I was in the process of me walking around in Paris when I received a sms “.

A “real shock” for her : “In addition, I have been advised the last. Then, a few days later, as if we had wanted to take the temperature, you phoned me “. Asked about the content of the received SMS, Silvia Notargiacomo said that he had announced what she had feared : “I will not be renewed because I had not found a suitable partner for the choreography. “It has, however, made his trials with Agustin Galiana, who has been selected to participate in the adventure…

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