Sikh beaten to Quebec sentence of 10 months for “a cowardly act”

images-agression-circule-tout-canada(Quebec) A “cowardly act” that “casts a shadow on the region of Quebec.” Thus Judge Pierre Rousseau described the unprovoked attack on a Sikh Torontonians condemning Gabriel Royer Tremblay to 10 months in prison.

Video Royer Tremblay and his two friends, all intoxicated, who beat up a man wearing a turban at the exit bars on Grande-Allée had toured Canada. Several politicians had condemned the attack and some feared that Quebec loses its luster as a tourist destination.

Gabriel Royer-Tremblay, 22, the instigator of the attack on Easter weekend the, pleaded guilty Thursday to assault. He also set a series of other offenses committed within a period of one year, ranging from obstructing police, credit card stolen goods, possession of methamphetamine, to probation violations.

For all the offenses, Judge Pierre Rousseau sentenced the young man to 10 months in prison, of which he will have eight months to be served once the subtracted custody. It will also be on probation for two years.


After being forced to review the video of the attack, filmed by a friend of the victim, Royer Tremblay reiterated that he terribly ashamed. “I’m not a racist,” insists one who grew up in public housing and who claims to have many Arab friends.

Following the event, the Quebec City police had issued a statement saying reject the idea that the attack on Mr. Khehra “targeted a specific religious community.”

Judge Pierre Rousseau, he was convicted of hate and racist nature of the attack. On the video, the magistrate noted, we see Royer Tremblay punch his head, referring to the turban, to mock the victim because he speaks English with a strong accent and treat the “shish taouk”. “It casts a shadow on the Quebec City area and I’m sure it can have an impact on citizens and on tourism,” said Rousseau judge.

Three men who beat an individual with kicks and punches and continues even when the victim falls to the ground, is “a cowardly act,” insisted the magistrate.

Supninder Khehra Singh, on a visit to Quebec looking for a taxi when Royer Tremblay and his friends stopped him and began to mock him before jumping him.

The man lost his turban during the assault and attempted to replicate while the three attackers climbed into their car to escape. The police, who were nearby, quickly made the arrests. Gabriel Royer-Tremblay, manic, uttered a death threat against one of the agents.

In a letter filed with the Court, Toronto’s visitor recalled having suffered several injuries to the eye, forehead, shoulder and back. He also said to have experienced a lot of stress and no longer feel safe when walking alone. The parents and the wife of Mr. Khehra, living in India, also lived a lot of concern, he says.

The defense lawyer Benoît Labrecque tried to convince the judge that he was primarily emphasizing rehabilitation of his young client, who was never in prison and has remorse. The defense suggested a sentence of 90 days to be served on weekends in addition to community service and mandatory therapy.

The Crown prosecutor Sarah-Julie Chicoine me she felt the attack, among the most free she had ever seen, was to be severely punished. It suggested a total sentence of 18 months for “criminal skids” that lasted a year.

The accused has a way “aberrant” to minimize its responsibility, adds Mr. Chicoine. “It’s never him is because of alcohol,” quips the prosecutor, imitating the tearful tone of the accused.

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