Sick? The appearance of Putin scared them off: bald head, swollen face and…

Болен? Внешность Путина напугала всех: лысина, опухшее лицо и...

Russian propagandists are trying to put the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin is always full of energy, despite the 66-year-old age

It drew attention to Facebook political scientist, Professor of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute Lydia Resin.

“At different times, the question of age of the ruler had different contents. Those who caught the Soviet times, remember the “good grandpa Lenin”. Soviet propaganda portrayed the leaders of the proletariat such age wise. The power combined with Mature wisdom. Although at the time of death of Lenin was only 53 years,” she wrote.

The analyst noted that Putin has almost 67 years.

Болен? Внешность Путина напугала всех: лысина, опухшее лицо и...

“Whether because of widespread ageism, fear of death or other reasons, the Russian media hysterically trying to portray him as a “man in his Prime, who famously jumped on a motorcycle”. I quote from the review journalist who talked about rock festival in the Crimea”, – she explained.

In addition, the Resin shared the secrets that I learned from a journalist working for Russian television in the program “Time”.

“He told me that the editors of the TV channels even have directions how and at what angle you can show a bald Putin and what angle to remove it properly. And in the editorial is a discussion, by chance not a lot of baldness was in the frame. The question is not only a good TV image, and the question of the perspectives of journalists,” – said the analyst.

However, judging by the comments, the head of the Kremlin will not save any view. Many of the comments under his photo note that due to excessive plastic surgery and Botox Putin looks painful and unnatural:

“Again, Botox obkololsya”, “what have you done with the real Putin? It’s some sort of a fake”, “What face puffy. Kidneys are failing?”, “Bald head, you can’t hide”, “Bald bastard”, “He will soon Michael Jackson will be like” — wrote in a network.

Болен? Внешность Путина напугала всех: лысина, опухшее лицо и...

On the eve of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin noticed a strange “bulge” under his socks. The network users have suggested that this may be the pants or even weapons.

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Болен? Внешность Путина напугала всех: лысина, опухшее лицо и...

The video, which shows how Putin is sitting on a chair and talking with people, was published by blogger under the name “Crowned Vova” on his Twitter page.

“Pulled up his pants man, and there’s pants under his socks…” – signed video.

Previously, we reported that the world learned the truth about the clones of Putin. The theory of the twins is very real, because Putin’s doubles a few times caught. Happened is that the Russian President appeared in two places at the same time and it immediately became the property of the whole community.

In 2015 in June Moscow journalists wrote that the President meets with members of the public chamber of Russia, which was dedicated to the decade of its creation. But also on this day, the Altai, the media reported that Vladimir Putin catches them in the region of the fish.

Recall that Putin is scared of scientists his new appearance: “the old man’s face floated”.

As reported Politeka, double Putin has angered Russians ridiculous reaction: “Bald dog”.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin infuriated the Russians a military solution: “Grandpa really bad.”