Sianga returned a year later and was impressed by the new looks: “my God…”

Зианджа вернулась спустя год и поразила новой внешностью: "Боже..."

Famous Ukrainian singer is transgender Sianga broke a long silence and appeared in a new image

After big comeback on the Ukrainian stage as part of vocal show “the Voice of the country” the singer Sianga again disappeared from social networks. Almost a year the artist has not published new pictures on his page on Instagram. But Sianga returned and surprised the new image. The singer cut short her hair and dyed in a lighter shade.

“I missed you😘”, signed Sianga the where posing in a purple top with a bouquet of wildflowers.

In the second photo celebrity showed not only a new hairstyle, but slender legs. She poses sitting on the sand in a short sundress.

Members greeted the return of Sanji and showered her with compliments in the comments.

Зианджа вернулась спустя год и поразила новой внешностью: "Боже..."

“Our sun❤ this”, “What short hair,cool) again changes😍”, “What a beautiful and bright when you look at the photo, there is a sense of peace”, “Very beautiful, so summer and warm😍)”, “God, You’re beautiful like spring, Which is clean and bright, very nice to see”, “Yak Kvitka🌸”, “You’re gorgeous woman!” “Yay, you’re back” – write enthusiastic fans.

Recall Sianga began her career in show business with a part in “Star Factory 2” and “star Factory. The Grand final of the” under the pseudonym Boris April. She decided on the sex change in 2014, and in 2018 in a new way first appeared on the show “Golos Krainy 8”

Зианджа вернулась спустя год и поразила новой внешностью: "Боже..."

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Earlier it was reported that Sianga remembered the period of cooperation with Natalia Mogilev. After Sianga, there was Boris April, took part in “star Factory”, its under his production wing took Mogilev. According to the singer, they with Mogilev had disagreements. The producer did not give the trust to Express themselves.

“I lived like a bird in a cage. Creative prison. I knew my name, but I couldn’t Express myself. She had various reasons as the producer. She’s not much interested in my opinion. We have come disagreements, quarrels,” recalled the singer.

At some point Sianga was on the street, she had about three days of sleeping on the bench. “We do pay all your bills. But we, the artists, were not large salaries. Yes, at one point I was homeless, spent the night on the bench. It was three days,” shared Sianga.

Recall that 1+1 has apologized for a joke about the orientation of Tianji.

As reported Politeka, Sianga published a photo, which is very similar to the guy.

Also Politeka wrote that Sianga spoke about the return of Boris APR and pressure parents: Frank interview.