Show “the Bachelor,” lost exotic beauty: “the Conversation did not happen”

Шоу "Холостяк" потеряло экзотическую красотку:  "Разговор не сложился"

In a popular Ukrainian show “the Bachelor” new “loss”

This writes Know.

Unfortunately some viewers, after the seventh broadcast, the project left black beauty Elizabeth, who came to seek his fortune in Ukraine from the Sunny and fashionable Italy.

So in a recent interview, Elizabeth admitted that motivated her to take part in the show and why they broke up with Nikita Dobrynin.

Шоу "Холостяк" потеряло экзотическую красотку:  "Разговор не сложился"
A girl says she always wanted to try to build a relationship. So I decided to come to the project in Ukraine, and not to take part in the Italian Bachelor. She also admitted that before the project had never met with compatriots. The girl told that Nikita liked her, he was courteous and on their first date introduced me to their friends.

Before the rose Ceremony, Elizabeth talked with Nikita, but the conversation they have not evolved. Therefore, the fact that she doesn’t get the rose was not a huge surprise for her. She also noted that in some period I realized that the relationship with Nikita to nothing lead.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the most eligible bachelor of the country, producer and owner of a luxury sports figures Irakli Makatsaria joined the project of STB TV channel, “she zvazheni schaslivi”. Handsome Georgian will train the participants of the ninth season of the show, the shooting of which is in full swing.

Note that the show the Bachelor before his release expressed his leader Grigoriy Reshetnik.

“The new Bachelor is very bright. Given his profession, Nikita was always surrounded by beautiful girls. That is participating in a romantic reality will not be easy to reach the heart of the Bachelor. By the way, Nikita is a very good psychologist who easily “reads” the behavior of the girls. Therefore, the struggle of parties for the right to be in the final will be serious.”

Шоу "Холостяк" потеряло экзотическую красотку:  "Разговор не сложился"

“Also he’s a man with experience, because before he was married. The heroine is different, each with its particular history and experience. Nikita will be very difficult to make a choice, but I believe he can do it,” added Gregory.

He added that the show will have scandals.

“Of course, there are scandals. New members are not afraid to speak frankly about their feelings for the main Bachelor of the country. All the girls are very smart, educated and politically correct. They really respect each other’s opinions. Believe that they are excellent tactics and strategy”, — said Reshetnikov.

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