Show appearance: small and big kids

nathan-9-ans-eu-chanceThe magic show and illusions Appearance, presented for a fifth season in La Sagueneenne Chicoutimi, is for young and old. This year, The Daily has experimented with family. Thus I attended the premiere of the summer with four children aged 3 and a half years, 6, 9 and 11 years. A sampling that was used to check if the show is indeed a family outing to include on its agenda.

The children were attentive Thursday night during the first performance of a series of 20 appearance, without an intermission show lasting about an hour and a half. Installed next to each other, they enjoyed the magician numbers Yolan Boudreault alongside adults in the room, eyes wide and mouth open.

Maélie, 11, loved his evening. She is convinced that her classmates’ capoteraient “if they saw the show. ” It is really impressive. I enjoyed the jokes and the magician my favorite number is the one where he flew his assistant, “said the girl who had never seen magic show before.

Nathan, 9, spent a magical evening. The boy even had a chance to get on the stage with the magician for a number. He had to handle a gun and shoot a pack of cards. “I was a little nervous, but it was fun. When I was shooting, there was a lot of smudge! On stage it was magic, “says the boy who saw no faking. “It was true,” he says.

Méliane, 6, has enjoyed his first magic show. ” It was beautiful. I am sure my friends would like this, but maybe some would have a little scared, “she suppose because of loud noises that punctuate the show. “My favorite number is the one where the magician stole a girl,” she says, adding that she would be ready to see the show.

From its three and a half years, Thomas was a little apprehensive before the start of the show. The word “magician” alone evoked for him not reassuring images. Once Yolan Boudreault appeared on stage, the fears of small flew. He was a bit worried when he saw a young woman cut in half on stage, but when she reappeared in one piece, he was smiling. He even claimed to have enjoyed one of the numbers that could frighten a number where the magician is locked in a cage where there is fire. The boy found a little long show. During the last half hour, his attention was less scope on stage.


And “older” in all this? Unquestionably, adults find their account in the show. First, many jokes are aimed at them. Then Yolan Boudreault take this opportunity to make a small turn in the history of magic. A world still filled with mystery. The viewer tries to understand, to explain, to find stuff, but remains unanswered.

Yolan Boudreault, accompanied by assistants and assistants who adorn numbers some dance, likes to interact with the public, it is well on stage and it shows. The magician calls the spectators actually ride some stage. The reaction of participants causes a mixture of laughs and mystery.

Thursday night, several times, he left his audience speechless. Some of his numbers were presented by many magicians before him. Others are more surprising, such as levitation, where his assistant and himself are found in the air.

It is apparently a family show? Definitely.

And the evening is even more magical when you can enjoy it in the presence of children in nice round eyes. Though when it comes to magic, adults find also their child’s heart.

Want to go?

Appearance is presented to the cabaret La Sagueneenne until August 24. It is possible to buy tickets online at spectacleapparence.com at [email protected] or by phone at 1 877 545-3330.

The ticket cost is $ 26 plus taxes and ticketing fees for an adult and $ 10.50 plus tax for children under 12 years.

dinner show packages, as well as family packages are also available.

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