Short nail designs: tips and techniques

How to do a manicure on short nails.

Короткий манікюр: поради та техніки

The pride of every woman – manicure – ceased to be necessarily long. Today in fashion naturalness, so those girls who can’t wear long nails for different reasons, rejoice. Short manicure in fashion again! Especially if it is made beautifully and elegantly. Your short nails in beauty will not yield long, and not necessarily for this to go every week to the salon, informs Rus.Media.

All it is possible to arrange on their own. But the short length of the nail does not negate the mandatory procedures to care for them, so you should have a manicure set, bath salt with vegetable oil (better olive or castor). Natural beauty is always in fashion! By the way, the results of various tests, men find that a manicure on short nails in women looks very sexy.


The procedure for applying varnish is not the most useful, so it is useful to have then hands the means to care for the nails, cuticle oil and a moisturizing or nourishing hand cream.

Manicure on short nails at home

So, make yourselves comfortable as possible and start to pamper your hands in water treatment. In the tub add warm water and sea salt. Drip a few drops of olive oil. Stir, put fingers in the tub. It is possible to use a mild soap solution. After 10-15 minutes the leather will soften, become soft to the touch.

1. Now, let’s handle scrub and after washing put some nourishing cream.

2. The next step is cuticle treatment. Grease it with a special tool. Move orange stick cuticle. Good effect can be achieved if you do this several times a day – the cuticle is virtually cease to grow.

3. Give your nails a neat shape – they should be at least 2 millimeters above the fingertips. For short nails the most important looks I square soft sides.

Tip :

Treat your nails with a nail file in one direction to avoid damaging the cuticle, and not to provoke a delamination of the nail plate. You can now apply the varnish.

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Короткий манікюр: поради та техніки

French manicure on short nails

French manicure – wand wand in cases when inappropriate flashy colors. No wonder it is so loved of business lady. Most importantly, it looks great on short nails. French manicure has always been and remains relevant. And most importantly, it looks great, both on long and on short nails.

Preparation for applying nail Polish

  • Before applying the varnish, degrease the nail tool Polish remover.
  • Before applying manicure nails must be degreased, for this wipe means for removing the varnish;
  • To apply a base coat to make Polish last longer.
  • Uneven nail plate to pre-align the tracker by using it instead of the basic coverage.
  • To the tips of the white color applied evenly, apply the brush strokes first on the center and then the sides. Clear boundaries are achieved using special stencils for the French manicure. The entire process will take a little more than 20 minutes.

Короткий манікюр: поради та техніки


Basis, you can make and other flowers – a requirement of the French manicure strip on the edge of the nail. Complete drying of the tips of the fasten better translucent varnish to cover the entire nail with light pink or beige transparent composition.

How to apply nail Polish on short nails

  • Recruit the paint on the brush and remove the excess on the neck. Bring the brush to the nail and push into the base. To gently hold up. To make a neat smooth contour. Then the same lines we make side plates.
  • Apply the second coat after the first coat has dried.
  • Fasten the cover with a special tool.

Tip: on short nails looks more profitable perelivy glossy varnish, matte finish tends to shorten the fingers.

How to choose a color for manicure on short nails

If the hand has not Packed in drawing clear lines. It is better to use light shades. Tone close to skin color look very advantageous for business manicure cream, Golden, pink, beige. But in holidays or weekends, it is appropriate to choose bright colors with a pattern. The fact that they look bad on short nails – wrong opinion. Important to choose the color of clothing, and even better to accessories or makeup.

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Короткий манікюр: поради та техніки


Outrageous look chocolate, black or cherry tones, matched the color of the lipstick. More extravagant colors – red, bright yellow, orange, green, blue should be selected only thematically.

New! The moon manicure on short nails.

Today, more than ever, fashion unusual patterns of nails. At its peak the moon manicure, you can even celebrate – moon -. The combination of unusual and diverse textures and shades, and it visually lengthens the fingers, dividing the nail plate is narrower, and therefore graceful. Classical style Half-moon – curved strip in the form of a Crescent, are located only on the nails upside down at the base of the nail plate. When avant-garde manicure is applied over a wide crescents.

Короткий манікюр: поради та техніки

The easiest manicure for short fingers for a moon manicure is when the hole necestou straight line. It should be noted that the moon manicure attracts the eye to the cuticle area, therefore, must be especially careful to handle it. Pre buy the stencils of the shape and size that you have planned. Medical plaster cut into strips and circles. You can use regular Scotch or masking tape. Base coat apply two layers. For the second layer choose a more dense structure to the Foundation, not much was illuminated.

Next, the procedure works like this:

  • Stick the stencils.
  • Apply another coat. Wait for complete drying to remove the stencil.
  • Apply a protective coating that protects from fading and chipping.


The moon manicure on short nails does not tolerate the slightest negligence, so the slightest damage to remove it and do again. The hole can be made in different shapes – smooth, acute, triangular, in the form of a double Crescent.

Drawings on short nails

In addition to French manicure on short nails you can create many more drawings. The important thing to remember is lengthen the nail longitudinal stripes. If the drawings are designed for the whole plate on short nails it is better to draw small items. Looks great abstract patterns.

  • Rhinestones and decoration place towards the end of the nail, and the way to create a harmonious picture.
  • Transparent original look glued flowers or other figures.
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Короткий манікюр: поради та техніки

1. The most simple image can be done with a needle. For example, on a beige basis, to hold a needle near one side a wavy line, and from it to draw curls. It turns out the cute pattern. Top coat it with clear varnish.

2. Variant – “Night sky”. If you purchase a sticker the night sky, make the pattern it will be easier. As a base layer – black lacquer, moon, and stars can be silver or gold. Also need a transparent nail Polish and rhinestones, which are best to strengthen the tweezers. Apply black nail Polish and dry completely. Fine brush gold or silver paint, draw a moon and stars, or an adhesive stencil stickers. Pin clear varnish.

3. Option – “Leopard”. The picture “Leopard print nails applied on a gold basis. You will need acrylic paint – black, white, pink or blue. As a basis you can take and two colors. The tip of a needle to draw on the basis of four black dots – a kind of “foot of the beast.” On one nail will have multiple legs. Allow the ink to dry up a little, and each foot to make white, pink or blue drop. The top cover with a colourless varnish.

Короткий манікюр: поради та техніки

Короткий манікюр: поради та техніки

4. How to draw a flower acrylic paint on the tip of the nail, for example, white. Covered on the basis of the free edge of the nail, draw five petals in the form of droplets. From the core into the inner side to draw the two outer long lines and two short internal. To cover top coat for nails. Better figure on a shiny background, or on top of French manicure with glitter.


Drawing on nails you need to choose in accordance with their form. For example, the square nails better suited graphics options, oval nails are more in harmony with romantic floral patterns. Choose to your taste!

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