“She’s still…”: a famous poet was attacked by Pugacheva

«Она до сих пор…»: известный поэт раскрыл секрет популярности Пугачевой

Ilya Reznik called Alla Pugacheva “vulgar” and said that time will put everything in places

Russian poet-songwriter explained what is the popular prima Donna of the Russian stage.

81-year-old Ilya Reznik called Alla Pugacheva “stadium and area” a singer. This, says Resnick, is the secret of the popularity of the 70-year-old actress, Russian media writes.

«Она до сих пор…»: известный поэт раскрыл секрет популярности Пугачевой

“There is nothing strange in the fact that Alla is still in demand and acts that it gives a large solo — she’s a singer, stadium, area,” said Resnick.

He also stressed that the new song to the repertoire of Alla is philosophical. “Time will put everything in its place”, – he explained mysteriously.

Note that, despite the fact that Pugachev several times already loudly announced the completion of a solo career, she continues to perform on stage.

So, in April of this year, in honor of its 70th anniversary, she gave a big solo concert in the State Kremlin Palace of Moscow. And in November, the artist plans to perform on stage of “Minsk-Arena”.

Resnik collaborates with the band since the 70-ies of the last century. His songs, which was performed by the prima Donna, became hits. For example, the “Maestro” and “the Old clock”. Currently, the cooperation of the poet and the singer stopped.

Earlier we wrote that Alla Pugacheva has opened the heart with their fans and have named their two major drawbacks. Fans only amused revelations prima donnas.

On the fan page of singer Alla Pugacheva in the social network Instagram was given her statement about the shortcomings that it has. Singer criticized itself with humor. “I only have two drawbacks…Bad memory and something else!”, — boldly declared Joe.

We also reported that Alla Pugacheva was surprised by the network in a new way and also a new appearance. The singer spent more than two months abroad. She rested in Riga, then in Cyprus and in Israel. When Diva returned home, they made a splash with his appearance.

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«Она до сих пор…»: известный поэт раскрыл секрет популярности Пугачевой

The star recently prefers to show a slim figure with the help of mini-skirts, skinny jeans or cropped pants. So, new look, refreshed and rejuvenated Alla Pugacheva can see well in the photo, which was published in Instagram on her fan page.

She appeared in a new outfit in the elite Zhukovka near Moscow, where they live only famous actors, athletes and politicians. The diva was dressed in a stylish autumn looks — grey Trouser suit pinstriped. Netizens could not believe that before them the real Alla.

Recall Pugacheva is preparing a new wedding.

As reported Politeka, daughter Pugacheva and Galkin was sentenced Kristina Orbakaite.

Also Politeka reported that Pugachev was annealed with a former lover, appeared vivid video