Sherbrooke suspends regulation halters

decision-elus-ville-sherbrooke-ete(Sherbrooke) The City of Sherbrooke suspends its commitment to adopt a regulation that would force owners of dogs weighing more than 20 kg to make them wear a halter. Elected officials have agreed to await the filing, on 31 August, the report of the working table formed by the Government of Quebec to regulate dangerous dogs.

The decision was greeted with loud applause in a packed City Council Chambers Monday.

“The board has considered twice except the day today. Originally opinions were divided among the board members. Some were in favor of the force wear a muzzle, others maintain the current regulations. All were then stored at the port of the halter, “said the president of Serge Paquin executive committee.

Legal services have therefore started a process of reflection and quickly agreed that wearing a harness could have replaced that of the halter. The settlement still remained impractical. He actually came back to the policeman who handed a ticket to a citizen to prove that his dog weighs more than 20 kilos. “It is difficult to see how it could be applied in the concrete,” says Serge Paquin.

“Another way to do was reverse the burden. People would have had to show that their dog is under 20 kilos. There would have been a special medal where it would have been clear that the dog weighs less than 20 kilos. Given these difficulties of application and that the Quebec government has undertaken a reflection to review the legislation on dangerous animals, we recommended to the council members not to move forward, “he added.

“Over the past three weeks we have heard and read a lot. People failed to see how the halter prevent bites, while the reason for the settlement was more to allow better control of the animal. We also need to manage the citizens’ sense of security, and a way to do this is to ensure that teachers exercise greater control over their pets, “said Mayor Bernard Sévigny.

No public consultation will be conducted. “Unless the government of Quebec make a commission and public consultations, it is a committee that will hear experts and to make recommendations. If we apply an imposed settlement Quebec, there will be no public consultation. But there was one by the force of circumstances. He returned hundreds of emails from one side or the other. From the moment there is a law, it must apply to everyone. But as we are at the table, we can influence the direction of the Government of Quebec. ”

The chairman of the committee of public safety, Marc Denault, described the emotional issue. “There is no solution that will unanimously, but we aim that owners care for their dogs and be responsible. ”

Several citizens still required to speak to City Hall Monday. Pierre-Yves Lauzon among others called for a dog park in the Rock Forest area, suggesting that it is at Central Park. Councillor Bruno Vachon replied that he first had to choose the best site to not create problems.

Another citizen claimed that less than 1% of the bites occur when a dog is leashed.

Quebec City has also backtracked on Monday in the application of a regulation that aimed to ban pitbulls.

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